Community Guidelines [Announcements] (2)

Dear licensees, since the topic has come up now and again over the past few weeks, we have now written the first version of our community guidelines. They don’t say anything our Terms of Service didn’t already, but we d…

First Access launch! [Announcements] (3)

Dear licensees, the wait has come to an end. After three years of development, the first public, commercial version of Prosperous Universe is now available. We are calling it Prosperous Universe First Access! FAQ Mart…

Bugs and Improvements ( 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ) [Feedback] (304)

I’ve discovered another bug and thought that gathering them in one sub topic might help you guys. If you want reports in another way (mail, ingame chat, …) feel free to delete this :slight_smile: Mineral Construction…

First Access - Getting Started ( 2 ) [Uncategorized] (37)

First Access is here! Post your starting setup in this thread to let others know your faction, company name, package, and planet. Plus, you can now add your company name to your profile. Happy trading!

Guides and tutorials here [Announcements] (2)

Dear licensees! With the start of First Access, a host of new tutorials has become available. Some older videos are being taken offline due to their outdated contents. The APEX Handbook The Handbook contains both writ…

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