Auto refuel Qol

What would you all thing of a QOL for auto refuel. We have auto unload so we know the game checks the ( can select maybe base or warehouse) and if fuel is in there it will top it off. Make it a check box on the ship so its easy to turn on off as needed.


Auto-refuel would be great! I have a special screen for it now, but I’d love to automate that!

Maybe an slider that lets you set how much you want to top off to, (I.E. if below a certain amount, refuel to that amount.)

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Well i already suggested to add something like that … couple of days… couple of couples days ago.


But that was badly shaped idea and i just want more buildable crap. So you can ignore my urge to build stuff.

But i definitely want something like “Refuel all Docked ships” button.
We definitely need this.

I would also need this function as i never run with full tanks

would also be nice if the slider had a numerical input like the MTRA function.