Auto-provision option for shipping custom contracts

Use-case: I do some shipping and provide a time window for other players to send shipping contracts to me before my ship departs. My next ship departs in 9 hours. Here’s what is happening:

  1. I’m Europe-based, and it’s midnight, so I’m going to bed
  2. A US-based player sends me a shipping contract while I’m asleep and then goes offline for the rest of his day
  3. In the morning, I wake up and accept this contract
  4. I cannot begin shipping because the other player is offline and cannot provision his shipment until the next day

An auto-provision option (like in LMs) would solve this issue.


I would use this extensively, as I often find myself in the opposite situation – being US-based, but having a bunch of friends in AUS & EU that play. It would solve a real problem. Good suggestion.


It’s in the game now, thanks @molp <3

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