Release Notes - Realpolitik

Release date

The REALPOLITIK release will be released on Wednesday June, 26th 2024

General Notes

Solo governors are a thing of the past with fully democratized parliaments taking the helm. Coupled with a brand-new governmental accounting system and the ability to switch between company and government contexts on the fly, this marks the beginning of a new era for Prosperous Universe politics!

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features


Planets housing a certain number of bases are not just be ruled by a single governor anymore. Instead a parliament of multiple players is elected. A parliament makes decisions by issuing motions and then voting on them amongst all its members. The results of these processes are made transparent to all inhabitants of a planet.

Government Accounting

Planetary governments now have their own monetary account. This means taxes and fees do not go “to waste” anymore while there is no government, but just accumulate in the government account. Accounts are also handed over between governments, even if the members of parliament change from one term to the next.

Context System

Users who are part of a government now have access to a new “government context” to pursue their government responsibilities. This context is separate from every user’s regular “company context” and comes with its own screens and command capabilities.

For a discussion how governments will work in detail also see this topic.


  • Added GOV command to show an overview of the governments and its motions (per term) for each planet.
  • Added POL command to show an overview of a player’s political career.
  • Users are now allowed to run for multiple political offices simultaneously.
  • Removed option to choose tax recipient from the local rules as they now always go to the government account.
  • Removed ADMT command since all the information is available via ADM and the new GOV command.


We’ll release a bugfix / maintenance release shortly after this one.


You should make the new context screen (at least one, the initial one) permanent. I think I can edit it. Would be great if at least one standard screen (i like the one available) could be permanent

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I set a base establish fee > 0 on JS-299a. Unfort. in balance it says:

Revenue from base establishment fees 3 hours ago 0.00 CIS.

Fees are usually transferred once every 24h in bulk. Can you check again tomorrow please?

Will do. And tomorrow I will probably sit on a PC, so I can even share screen grabs.

And a suggestion. A player want to donate to the government. Thus it need coordination, a motion, a motion vote, the contract etc.

For cash contributions it would be nice to add a contribution button to the admin center. (Like this Apex representation thing). So all (planet based) players can donate freely and directly to the government account

Edit: Terrible phone autocorrection corrections

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Definetly not in bulk. Interessting thing is e.g. there was 1 local market add (since before the update) and at the moment of screengrab there was still only 1.

There was 1 player joining that should have paid the 1.500 entry fee (mentioned in local rules) but it did not work. Also you see the production fees, but I guess its only a.minor part of them.

As Nemesis is a starter planet, the fee should be taken directly from the start, right ? Is there still the new company start screen, is the current fee mentioned there ? What if the fee is higher then new player starting cash ?

Should starter planets even have base establishment fees? Maybe they should be excluded. Or perhaps the concept of a “starter planet” needs to be expanded. We’re a long way from the time when there were just a few good planets to start on and the rest was an uninhabited wasteland.

Regardless, a 1500 entry fee isn’t a lot but I don’t know what the max allowed is. It would certainly suck for new players if the government on every starter planet decided to set the new base fee higher than the initial cash that new players start with.

Actually, just saw this post from Molp in the Discord channel regarding new base fees:

The limits are:
Starting planets: 0, 0
Faction worlds: 0, 20_000
Non-faction worlds: 0, 10_000_000

Hmm - had a realy short scroll in the handbook (using the ingame “?”). Its not mentioned there. So of course it would be nice to have all the little things and changes mentioned there.
The fee is 1.500 but maybe its overwriten somewhere.

I guess and hope that we will get some clarification.

Screenshot from 2024-06-26 17-07-19

I just tested this locally and remembered there is one more rule: The first base is exempt from any base establishment fee no matter where it is established. Most likely it was a new player that joined your planet.

Starting planets cannot have base establishment fees. I added a note to create a local rules wiki article for the handbook explaining the mechanic.

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Molp - if the first base is free of fee, why excempt starter planets from that fee then ? I guess the first rule is hard coded. The second would need workaround. -Remember the fee is mentioned in the local rule set of NEM. There must be a (manual) limit or rule set for each starter planet then. So - > having the “first base is free” rule would be simpler and would allow starter planets to be a bit less attractive for 2nd or 17th base

Nemesis is one of those start planets that got added at a later date, maybe thats the reason?

I’m also getting hourly updates to the fees.

Honestly it’s a bit much, especially as it will report 0’s. I think they should be summarized to daily. This way, FIN won’t be completely overwritten every few days.

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Or tell us from which company/production. Currently you can guess that the bigger amounts are the fees from bigger (finished) productions. And the 0 is probably someone that just deleted an order and got his fee back. The tax before the update was summing up the same way. Once the productiuon finished (or was cancelled) the fee flew in, weeks, months later sometimes

These are fee summaries from a hundred different companies, that is not possible.

This is 12 hours of finances from Verdant and takes up nearly the entire height of the monitor. Having this be more than 1 row / hour does not add any value for reporting. One might argue that per industry would be ok - in whch case this would be at least 36 rows if it was one row per hour (agri, food industry, resource extraction).

The best case would once per day with one row per industry would probably have the most value since that would have a row for each fixed time period and allow better insight into “how much am I getting from X industry where I can adjust the production fees for that industry?”

As it is, production fees obscure the payments out which are likely of more interest in seeing in the financial report.

is it possible to switch the postion of CTX and SCRN ?


It is especially anoying on phone (that I use in 90 % of cases). Now the screen button is always in middle so I have to scroll to use it.

Most players (and even me being a gov) dont need to switch the context as often as a screen

  • it feels weird to have the SCRN: current screen next to a CTXS field while the SCRN is far away. So if possible mmove the CTX stuff in the middle of the menue

@lowstrife @Aufricer @shagie
Regarding the “cash transactions” thing, I just created a topic on reporting in general in case you’d like to share your thoughts there: Ideas for in-game reporting features

Coming back to that
At least one company paid a base establishement fee, while the majority did not.
If that company replies to me I can or can not confirm if it was an established player.