GKI Post IPO Company Update (45% growth in TCL value)

Garson Kilman Industries Corporate Report

September 17, 2023


The company has expanded to 24 permits spread across 24 bases, primarily in the Antares and Benten sectors. As a result, it has experienced a 45% increase in TCL value. RAT production has become less profitable, so a portion of the FP bases were shifted to DW production, which remains stable and consistently profitable.

New Company Valuation:

  • 42 Day Profit*: 103,614,000
  • Cash On Hand: 17,400,000
  • Recoverable Base Materials (400,000 * 24 bases): 9,600,000
  • Materials Stock Value: 19,484,000
  • Outstanding Debts: 6,350,000

Total Company Liquidation Value: 143,748,000

New share buyback price: 71,874 (+45.6%)

Total unsold shares: 2 (due to shareholder company liquidation)

*Note on projected profit:

I made an initial error in my company valuation. I had intended to do 4 weeks (which is 28 days) of projected profit. Instead I conflated the 4 and 28 and did 48 days. This substantially increased the valuation. All this means is I need to stick around longer after I have decided to shut down my operations. I’m going to go with 6 weeks (42 days) going forward.

Materials Stock Breakdown

  • 4,650,000 DW
  • 4,500,000 RAT
  • 1,334,000 NS
  • 5,000,000 Ship Components
  • 4,000,000 Misc. Other


GKI is using PRUNPlanner to calculate profit using expected pricing for purchased and sold goods. This will change slightly as market prices rise and fall, but usually GKI will store goods rather than sell well below the desired price. Consumables markets usually recover major dips within a few weeks.

Idealized Profit:

Total Daily Possible Revenue: 4,172,000 AIC

Total Daily COGS: 1,700,000 AIC

Daily Net Profit: 2,467,000

Daily Average Profit per Base: 103,000

A few things have hindered growth in profit this term. I got COVID which took me out of fully actively working on PRUN for nearly 2 weeks. I also had to rework logistics to support easier maintenance on my part, including purchasing ships.


7 day production:

  • MUS: 1st - 4,140
  • VEG: 2nd - 3,192
  • DW: 2nd - 60,700
  • RAT: 2nd - 29,330
  • MAI: 3rd - 3,228
  • NS: 3rd - 4,748
  • H2O: 5th - 44,428
  • PG: 7th - 32,100

Future Plans:

  • Expand PG production. It is extremely profitable right now.
  • Continue to solidify supply chains so there are fewer interruptions
  • Build 1-3 ships

The full report contains a breakdown of the bases. It’s formatted as a table, so it wasn’t included here. See the Google Doc for it.

You can get involved in the discord here: Garson Kilman Industries