Super quick reset survey - Now with Analysis!

If you have 60 seconds of your time spare please complete this Reset Questionnaire about the upcoming Reset. It really is quick!
I’m hoping to do it a couple times before reset and see if there’s any changes. All results will be shared and zero personal data is taken. Even has one fun question!

Already got enough responses that I’ll be able to do some nifty charts from it, but the more the better analysis!

Feel free to share round corps.

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Firstly thanks for doing the questionnaire. I’ve found it really interesting. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad (even fun) to do? I did not expect 52 responses so that’s great!

For the analysis rather than download all the charts as pictures and upload them I’m just going to link the document so you can see directly the raw data and numbers derived from it. Feel free to use the data yourselves (let me know if you need assistance), and also let me know if there’s anything you think I’ve missed/could add!

It should be really quick to just skim onto the different tabs, glance at the charts, read my quick notes, and learn something.


I am also thinking of rerunning the exact same (or near) questionnaire later to compare trends. What do people think to that?

  • Yes, run it again
  • No, once was enough

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Okay sorry peeps got caught up. I could run it now until the test server opens and then from test to live. Which would be interesting but I don’t think that’d give time to drum up enough responses (I also won’t have time to advertise and close accordingly).

So what I’ll do is next weekend when we’ve all settled a little I’ll rerun the survey and we’ll see how things have changed from that :slight_smile: