Name THAT Planet: Round 2

It’s that time of the month again where we give players the opportunity to name another planet by voting in the poll that follows. Let’s start this round off again by commenting which planets we would like to see receive a name. Here are the planets from last time that are still unnamed:

  • QQ-645b
  • PG-899b
  • XH-594b
  • OT-442b
  • QJ-149c

Are there any other suggestions out there? Sound off in the comments below!

TL;DR Please comment WHICH PLANET you want to receive a name below


KI-448b, as the current only colonized gas giant in the universe and the sole source of he3


ZV-194a has been known as “Nike” for our region for multiple week now


+1 for Nike. It has its own planet chat in the Antares discord and the name is used interchangeably with the code.

I’m probably a bit biased though since I’m the first settler there :slight_smile:

I’m all for the name Nike for ZV-194a. Just Do It.

Adding my voice for ZV-194a to be name Nike, got to keep the Mars related name for Anatre :slight_smile:

XH-594b- aka Starlifter’s planet.

I believe the other resident wants to call it “Rocky Palace”.

PG-899b is already named Saladin by Rubicate 2 weeks ago.

Populated unnamed planets according to FIO:
VH-331g (IC SCR/MAG tap) ‘Yellowstone’
XH-594b (NEO FEO tap) ‘Mine’ ‘Jaagmyctip’ ‘Rocky Palace’ ‘Starlifter’s Planet’ ‘Spectre’
OS-099c (T1 AR tap, far to the galactic south, soon to be redundant) ‘Sloth’
ZV-194a (ANT LST/BOR tap) Now named ‘Nike’!
KC-765c (MGS tap)
YK-649b (ANT concentrated SIO tap) ‘Dune’ ‘Psamathê’
KI-448b (AEF only HE3 tap) ‘Hermes’ ‘Oliphant’ ‘Fusion’

PG-899b Already named Saladin
QQ-645b (ALO just outside NEO) ‘Mythril’
OT-442b (T1 fertile planet with SCR in NEO space)
QJ-149c (ALO tap in ANT)


KI-448b - Fusion

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Another +1 for ZV-194a being called Nike. Its the local name for it, so it might as well be the official name for it.

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My personal favourite of my personal proposals for XH-594b is still “Jaagmyctip” (Just another ancient greec mythical creature to identify planets)

I like Fusion as a planet name for the HE3 planet.

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I’ve been referring to XH-594b internally as Mine and was the one who originally suggested it last time, so …

(Also the reason I care is because it will make a good FEO tap for Proxion, which has everything but the Ore to be a great smelting location.)

I second naming K1-448b! Its got historical significance in this universe. How about Oliphant? “helium-3 was first proposed in 1934 by the Australian nuclear physicist Mark Oliphant”.


KI-448b - ‘Fusion’ definitely has my vote.

Another +1 for Nike!

As the current non-afker occupier of KI-448b, I like the name suggested in the Antares discord by CyriusPatton|Tycho Manufacturing: HERMES. It fits the naming convention of the local-ish area of greek gods, and as a messenger god who god who likes to go fast… makes sense it’s for HE3.



already named

Spectre. Opinions of inhabitants take priority, but of course, a planet should not be named after them.



As long as it is not “Neo-Vallis” in the end, we are all fine with that… :wink: