Name THAT Planet Round 5

It’s been awhile since our last naming session, but now’s your opportunity to get your favorite planet a brand spanking new moniker. Here are the planets from last time that are still unnamed, please correct me in the comments below if I made any mistakes, I checked them today so I hope they are correct:

  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • XG-452f
  • KI-401d
  • LG-093a

Are there any other suggestions out there? Comment below and I will add them to the list!

TL;DR Please comment WHICH PLANET you want to receive a name below

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I’d like to suggest naming QJ-650c Midas, because dropping a base there causes your inventory to inexorably fill up with gold products faster than you can possibly hope to ship them out. I’m sure Dover, Zymgie and others will attest!

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XD-354b is called Waystation (to Kinza) by many players.


Unnamed Populated Planets:
Selected for vote:

General suggestions:
PlanetMcPlanetface, Jinx, Oceanus, Kobold, Fafnir, Kzin, Margrave

Suggestions and proposed names, in descending order of population.
Shortened list. Click triangles to open each section of the list:

1 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
  • KI-401d (H AR)
  • XD-354b (MGS)
    Waystation (to Kinza) (Aufricer Name THAT Planet Round 5 - #3 by Aufricer )
  • WB-675c (Food Industries COGC)
  • ZV-307g (H in Antares I system)
  • ZV-759d (MGS (HAL))
  • XH-083a (SIO BRM)
  • YI-280j (MGS BER)
  • ZV-759g (H)
  • OP-802e (HE3)
  • XG-326a (LST SIO TIO)
31 - 40
  • JS-753c (SIO LIO (AMM TS))
  • VH-778b ((AMM TIO LST))
  • KW-358b (FEO ALO MAG)
  • YI-715c (LIO TIO)
  • EM-929b (CUO)
  • AU-605c (TIO)
  • XD-354g (NE)
  • EW-238c (FE HAL)
  • JS-572c (LST)
  • QJ-149c (ALO)
41 - 50
  • PB-519a (FEO)
  • XG-430b (SIO)
  • YP-888h (AMM)
  • LS-231b (BTS near Griffonstone)
  • SE-648c (O TIO TCO)
  • YI-209h (H AR)
  • OZ-189a (FEO LST HAL)
  • SE-648b (H2O BER)
  • UV-072c (LST CLI GAL)
  • OP-649c (CUO HAL)
51 - 60
  • XH-329a (H2O O Fertility)
  • FK-037f (N (O))
  • VH-043a (H2O)
  • LB-599a (GAL)
  • KI-401b (FEO TIO ZIR)
  • LB-428h (H)
  • ZV-639d (N)
  • TO-392d (LST FEO CLI)
  • AJ-293g (H HE3)
  • CH-115e (HE3 HE)
61 + ...

Recently Named Planets:
AM-783b Gallus
HM-049b Poseidon
OF-259d Jura
OT-442b Danakil
RC-040b Malahat
TD-203b Sheol
TD-228b Rhazes
WC-702b Mimar
YI-059f Kub

Recently Named Systems:
AM-783 Arclight
HM-049 Mount Olympus
OF-259 Trinity
TD-203 Hubur
WB-675 Midway


I still like Harbinger for XG-452f.

Both because the H/AR deposits and the fact that it was one of the first Argon planets settled that allowed INS to open up other cold planets.


I would Like to Name LG-913e To Kerfyland … being the sole occupant … :slight_smile:


Personally I’d like to see UV-351d, KI-840c, QJ-650c, KW-020c or KW-602c named

ZV-307C !

even more since it’s the most populated unnamed planet :wink:

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It has grown very fast.

I think QQ-001a would be a great planet to get a name. Since it is manufacturing focused, maybe something like Eli, named after the inventory of the cotton gin. Or maybe some other inventor in the manufacturing industry.

Thanks for all the new suggestions! Looks like we’ve got plenty to work with so let’s now start the poll for which planet will receive a name! Later we will vote for the actual name like all the times before.

  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • XG-452f
  • KI-401d
  • LG-093a
  • QJ-650c
  • LG-913e
  • UV-351d
  • KI-840c
  • KW-020c
  • KW-602c
  • ZV-307c
  • QQ-001a

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I like the idea of naming [Current winner] planet mc planetface

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Well, since, rather suspiciously, Kerfyland is in the lead, perhaps it’ll be PlanetMcPlanetface…

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Since it might be LG-913e I suggest “Helius” or (jkoking) Helios Kerfy as a naming alternative.

If you want to stay closer to the Kinza region (berberian name) then you could go for - Imazighen - as I read the self description of berberians (with the meaning of “free”) .

Also - Gigantika - for its size would be a good name.

Or something with cold temperatur like - Frostwelt - , - Berderius -

Why not add numbers ? Like Imazighen II or Gigantika V ?


I like that we’re not using numbers for the planet names. In real life, we don’t refer to Earth as “Sol 3”. In fact we even have unique names for individual moons.

That was one thing that always bugged me about Star Trek. I realise that they have to keep things simple for the viewer, but if they followed the usual Trek naming convention to its logical conclusion then we should have been Humans, from the planet Hume, in the Hummus system.

Several good planet names from Larry Niven’s Known Space novels: Known Space - Wikipedia

  • Jinx
  • Oceanus
  • Kobold
  • Fafnir
  • Kzin
  • Margrave
  • etc…
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because ZV-307c is the new manu planet insteat of Phobos, i would call it New Phobos

If we ever name ZV-307c I propose that the name should be taken from greek mythology. Phobos, Deimos and Harmonia are all siblings in Greek mythology, and Nike is the greek goddess of victory. To remain on theme for the region we should really pick another figure from greek mythology.

A good naming candidate in my mind would be Ares - Phobos is the god of fear (of war), and Ares is the god of war (and courage), making them somewhat counterbalances to each other. Another possibility would be Eris, goddess of strife and discord.

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Thanks guys for all the votes! I’m pretty sure this round has been the highest voting round yet! It was a very close race but LG-913e has claimed the right to have a name! Here are the current suggestions I have and please feel free to suggest any more before the final vote!

  • Kerfyland
  • Helius
  • Helios Kerfy
  • Imazighen
  • Gifantika
  • Frostwelt
  • Berderius
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I think naming it Ares would be a little strange, since lore wise, AI came from Mars, which is the Roman version of Ares. So Ares already exists back in the Sol system