Name THAT Planet: Round 3

KI-401d and QJ-650c are two other option that were discussed in the old antarian discord :slight_smile:


Here’s the informal names I’ve been using for planets.

QQ-645b - Mythril
A low pressure planet that is the primary ALO source for the Moria CX. Currently has two different bases on it.

XH-594c - Goldust
A TS and AUO source between Moria and Benten. The best TS option in this universe, but is unfortunately cold so it ends up being similar value to colonize compared to HE3 gas giants. No one has yet colonized it.

XG-452f - Xharbeard
The primary cold gas giant source of both H and AR to Moria. With flexible collectors and one of the best H options available in the area. Now sports three separate bases. Is a very attractive option, similar to KI-401d nearby Antares, for the flexibility of bases on it.

DW-419a - Cookhouse
A planet I just colonized to take advantage of the new BOR recipe for SF. One of the first high pressure planets to be colonized in the universe.

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No suggestions for any of these, but I’ve bandied this one about a bit:

UV-351d - Frostbite
A gas giant in the Benten system with solid Ammonia and gaseous Nitrogen content. Cold temps (hence ‘frost’) and difficult to colonize for all the extra construction materials (hence ‘bite’).

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OT-442b - the only fertile planet in that list.

I prefer the name Harbinger, as its settlement allowed the settlement of other cold planets to really begin. Also, H and AR. So really a name starting with HAR or ARH would be somewhat cool.

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That’s actually where the name comes from. Jacuribu was the first to colonize it and wanted something that started with X, since it’s the first letter in the catalogue number. The next three letters are H AR. Beard because of the joke we were throwing around of a dwarf/pirate theme.

looks like QQ-645b already has a name

Unnamed Populated Planets:


Recently Named Systems:
LG-418 Dolzena

Recently Named Planets:
LG-418b Kinza
UV-351b Yannick
VH-331g Avalon
KQ-966b Rock
QQ-645b Celebdil

(NickNack, can you fix Hermes in game please to show it was CyriusPatton that suggested the name Name THAT Planet: Round 2 - #30 by CyriusPatton )


I actually just settled cookhouse yesterday, so it is populated now.

Thanks for catching this, looks like it was named 3 days ago haha.

Thanks for the exhaustive list, very impressive. Would everyone like to see a poll with all of these (inhabited) planets or would a more condensed list be preferable?

I asked molp about changing the accreditation for Hermes, but unfortunately it isn’t possible yet. Hopefully we implement the change soon and then I’ll have him give CyriusPatton his rightly deserved credit.


The list of inhabited unnamed planets is a bit too long for a vote really, and will only get longer in future rounds (assuming I do the work to check all planets each time, unless the team can supply a list of populated planets). The list is in order of population, largest first, so maybe limit it to those with suggestions, and the first 3 without, that limits the vote to 9 planets.

Time to vote! Which planet should receive a new name?

  • XH-594b
  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • OT-442b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • HM-049b
  • XG-452f

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Looks like XH-594b has finally pulled through and will be receiving a name! So far, we have Kiruna / Cattle Corner / Flieouverus / Jaagmyctip / Crystal Caves / Starlifter’s Planet / Rocky Palace / Mine / Spectre as suggested names. Are there any others out there?

How about Crystalis?

Ok let’s finally choose a name for XH-594b! Choose your favorite name from the list below:

  • Kiruna
  • Cattle Corner
  • Flieouverus
  • Jaagmyctip
  • Crystal Caves
  • Starlifter’s Planet
  • Rocky Palace
  • Mine
  • Spectre
  • Crystalis

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Thanks to everyone that participated! Kiruna is the winner and has already been updated in the game :slight_smile:

I went ahead and used my planet naming privilege to name Kiruna’s neighbor XH-594c Cortez – after the Cortez gold mine in Nevada, USA. Hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone!


Who pays the band, determines the music.

Who pays the band, determines the music.

You clearly haven’t met my mother-in-law. SHE determines the music. haha!

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