Name THAT Planet: Round 2

I’ve been referring to XH-594b internally as Mine and was the one who originally suggested it last time, so …

(Also the reason I care is because it will make a good FEO tap for Proxion, which has everything but the Ore to be a great smelting location.)

I second naming K1-448b! Its got historical significance in this universe. How about Oliphant? “helium-3 was first proposed in 1934 by the Australian nuclear physicist Mark Oliphant”.


KI-448b - ‘Fusion’ definitely has my vote.

Another +1 for Nike!

As the current non-afker occupier of KI-448b, I like the name suggested in the Antares discord by CyriusPatton|Tycho Manufacturing: HERMES. It fits the naming convention of the local-ish area of greek gods, and as a messenger god who god who likes to go fast… makes sense it’s for HE3.



already named

Spectre. Opinions of inhabitants take priority, but of course, a planet should not be named after them.



As long as it is not “Neo-Vallis” in the end, we are all fine with that… :wink:

Thanks for all the great comments and planet suggestions! Due to popular demand we decided to go ahead and bestow the name “Nike” upon ZV-194a. Congrats to all of Nike’s inhabitants out there!

We will go ahead and move forward with naming some of the others mentioned. Please vote for which planet you would like to receive a name!

  • KI-448b
  • XH-594b
  • VH-331g
  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • QQ-645b
  • PG-899b
  • OT-442b
  • QJ-149c

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When it comes time to settle QQ-645b, I think Mythril would be a good name for Moria’s source of aluminium.

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I don’t think Nick plays…

I won’t make any name suggestions as that just seems unfair currently. But I know others found this useful last time:

KI-448b: HE3 ‘bootstrap’ planet just off ANT
XH-594b: FEO and HAL planet near MOR (but not far from BEN or HOR)
VH-331g: Hortus-G, starter planet SCR and MAG
OS-099c: BRM and AR ‘bootstrap’ planet, miles from anything
KC-765c: Highest MGS planet, miles from anything
YK-649b: SIO planet, near ANT
QQ-645b: ALO SEA planet, near MOR
PG-899b: Already named
OT-442b: Barely Fertile SCR and O planet, near MOR
QJ-149c: 3rd highest ALO planet, near ANT

Sorry I noted that it was already taken when I made the poll but then it didn’t post correctly which led me to making it again and did it in a rush. But to be clear, I am aware that PG-899b is named :slight_smile:

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Looks like KI-448b will be receiving a name! Before I make the final poll, are there any others suggestions for name for KI-448b other than Fusion and Hermes?

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Oliphant’s Cradle

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GC-032h should be named Fusion, as it’s the best HE3 planet. Hermes not only fits the nearby theme of greek gods, but they were -early- gods, and KI-448b is an -early- HE3 planet.


Since i first suggested the name Hermes on the Antare discord, i of course support it :slight_smile:


Hermes fits perfectly.


Hermes Gang +1!!!


Gotta back Hermes on this one. But this is coming from a guy with ships named Abeona and Adiona.