Name THAT Planet Round 4

You know what this means. It’s been awhile since our last naming session, but now’s your opportunity to get your favorite planet a brand spanking new moniker. Here are the planets from last time that are still unnamed, please correct me in the comments below if I made any mistakes:

  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • OT-442b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • HM-049b
  • XG-452f
  • KI-401d

Are there any other suggestions out there? Comment below and I will add them to the list!

TL;DR Please comment WHICH PLANET you want to receive a name below

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I would like to nominate LG-093a! its a crazy triple-red planet that operates as a LST, ALO, and AUO for the HRT region, 3 things it dearly lacks.

I am voting for LG-093a

Planets to vote on

Unnamed Populated Planets:
Including naming suggestions. In descending order of population,
click triangles to open each section of the list:

1 - 10
11 - 20
  • QJ-650c (AUO MGS CLI)
  • XG-430b (SIO)
  • VH-331i (H)
  • OP-802e (HE3)
  • XG-326a (LST SIO TIO)
  • UV-351d (N AMM)
    Frostbite (capi3101 Name THAT Planet: Round 3 - #4 by capi3101 )
    Haunga (McCowen, means stinky in maori, the language I assume Katoa comes from.)
    Bendy (tooslider…)
  • DW-456g (HE3)
  • TO-392d (LST FEO CLI)
  • YI-059f (N)
  • HM-049b (Fertility SIO)
21 - 30
  • LB-428h (H)
  • ZV-307c (Shipyard)
  • VH-778b ((AMM TIO LST))
  • JS-572c (LST)
  • KI-840c (BRM CUO)
  • KC-051b (FEO LIO)
  • FK-037f (N (O))
  • EW-238c (FE HAL)
  • JS-753c (SIO LIO (AMM TS))
  • YI-683c (FEO SIO (SCR))
31 - 40
41 - 50
  • SE-648b (H2O BER)
  • KI-401b (FEO TIO ZIR)
  • EM-929b (CUO)
  • CH-115e (HE3 HE)
  • EY-847c (BRM LIO)
  • RC-796h (HE3)
  • ZV-639d (N)
  • ZV-759j (TIO)
  • KC-765c (Abandoned! MGS)
  • YK-649b (Abandoned! SIO)
    Dune / Psamathê (McCowen Name THAT Planet: Round 2 - #9 by McCowen )

Recently Named Planets:
KI-446a Australia
OT-580a Iiron
XH-594c Cortez
QQ-001b Circe

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KI-840c should be on the list.

But I’d recommend the new starter planets get names before others.

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OT-442b really needs a name, being the only starter planet without one now. I think something similar to Montem and Vallis would be quite appropriate. Like Volco, Riverun, or Steppton.

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I would like to suggest “El Dorado” for LG-093a. Trippel red planet. So hard to get to, but plenty rich with ALO/LST and even GOLD!! ^^

Im also for naming OT-442b. It seems like the ugly sister of JS-299a. There is a lot of greek names related with JS-299a but I feel they dont realy match. But something like Infecunditas or Dürrenia*1 could be nice.

*1 in the sense of depleated soil

I’d like to propose the name Danakil for OT-442b; it’s a region in Ethiopia with sulfur hot springs, and given that OT-442b has both SCR and H20 I think it would be fitting

Ok seems like we’ve got some good suggestions going. Let the voting begin! First vote on which planet will receive a name:

  • OS-099c
  • KC-765c
  • YK-649b
  • OT-442b
  • QJ-149c
  • XD-354b
  • HM-049b
  • XG-452f
  • KI-401d
  • LG-093a

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Looks like OT-442b is the winner! So far I see we have a few ideas for a name: Infecunditas, Dürrenia, Volco, Riverun, Steppton, Ifrit, Danakil. Any other ideas out there?

Kinda similar to Volco, but I like Vulcanus - seems like there could be a lot of volcanic activity on that planet for that amount of sulfer/oxygen (and probably sulfer dioxide) to exist. :slight_smile:

One related question: if I use my planet naming privilege now, is that locked in for the next universe?

No, planet naming rights reset with a universe reset.

Thanks for the feedback! Let’s close out this round with an official vote on OT-442b. What should it be called?

  • Infecunditas
  • Dürrenia
  • Volco
  • Riverun
  • Steppton
  • Ifrit
  • Danakil
  • Vulcanus

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OT-442b shall be henceforth known as Danakil! Thanks for everyone who participated. Big shoutout to discern for proposing the name! Stay tuned for the next ‘Name THAT Planet’ :slight_smile:


Wow, that was an abrupt flip. Vulcanus was winning quite decisively. Did Danakil even have any votes yesterday or the day before?

It was rather abrupt. I was also surprised but I tried to wait until around the same number of people voted in the previous polls before closing it.