Faction Expansion Challenge - Phase 2: Registration

Phase 2 of the Faction Expansion Challenge has now started. Read more about Phase 1 here.

The challenge’s premise is to create settlements outside the usual faction space, planets, and systems. Sufficiently regions will then eventually be rewarded with a commodity exchange in the system they selected beforehand.

Just a quick reminder what Phase 2 is about:

Every party is required to hand in a registration to be noticed as an official participant. They will have to contain at least this information:

  • Participants: A list of the participants. Participants can be companies or corporations. There is no upper limit to the amount of participants.
  • Focus system: The registration has to specify the system where the expansion strategy is centered around. That system will later receive the commodity exchange.
  • Focus planets: The registration should entail a few planets that will be part of the endeavor. The planets should be close (think up to three jumps) to the focus system, but outliers (like gas station planets on the way towards the focus system) are okay as well.
  • Faction: The registration must state the responsible faction, as the resulting Commodity Exchange will belong to that faction.

If another party wants to focus on the same system, they can post in the respective topic. Ideally all participants will form a coherent plan.

Here is a list of all registrations:

Name Focus System Focus Planets Faction Contact
Devoid EL-179 EL-179b, DC-823b, EL-419d, EL-768d, (SL-027b, AM-783c) CI Esabab
Faction of the Outcast IC-162 LG-418b, EZ-476b, XS-538c, LG-913e, IC-162a CI Aufricer
Arclight Frontier AM-783 AM-783c, HM-049b, OF-259d CI Frostwood
Project Protostar TD-203 TD-203b, PG-899b (Saladin), WC-702b, OT-823a, TD-228b NC Xenogenic
The Far Out Project LG-418 (Dolzena) LG-418b (Kinza), LG-418c, LG-913e, XS-538c, EZ-476b, XD-354b NC Lokiorin (LASM), Azorth (AZC), MadMonk21 (MFNC)
Operation Aleutiania EZ-476 EZ-476b (Nova Unalaska), FA-056b, IC-548c NC Westo454
Star Fleet Command CH-115 CH-771a (Pyrgos), CH-115a, CH-115e, CH-913c, RY-305c, AM-371f CI Ubermensch
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I mentioned it in the last devlog but forgot to state here: The registration phase will officially be ending on Monday 25th!

Since there is a base-line for HQ bonuses, can each new “cx” choose a bonus? For instance Ementior +10% Metallurgy.

Molp, is the 25th also when you need the final list of registrants? What if players decide to join us during the three month period? Or are you more concerned about the project itself being registered than the list of individuals behind the project?

I am not too concerned if someone decided to join in late. I see the registration phase more as an opportunity to see what the others are up to and maybe, if plans align, join effort. But as it stands right now it seems that the participants won’t change their plans anymore, so we will go ahead with the development phase.

Is the 3 jump limit for focus planets a hard limit, or does it have some buffer built into it? You have one exception listed, but I’ve been seeing some dispute on the qualifications of some project’s focus planets because they aren’t within the 3 jump limit.

The CX will belong to one of the 4 factions so the bonus is defined by that.

The three jump limit is a soft limit. The closer the better, but we will allow some outliers.

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