Faction Expansion Challenge - Results

Hey everyone!

First of all, we want to send a huge shoutout to all participants of the Faction Expansion Challenge. Over the past four months many new planets were settled, infrastructure was built and populations grew far from the central hub regions of the universe. The amount of planning and coordination required is certainly an achievement in itself!

As you may remember, the major prize of the challenge was a brand-new Commodity Exchange. So we compiled data on all the participating focus systems and planets to determine a winner. After some discussion we arrived at a verdict: There are two winners and both of their focus systems will receive an exchange of their own.

The winners are:

  • ARCLIGHT FRONTIER (AM-783, CI faction)
  • PROJECT PROTOSTAR (TD-203, NC faction)

We hereby ask the party’s representatives @Frostwood (Arclight) and @Xenogenic (Protostar) to contact @molp to determine who should receive the system and planet naming rights.

The new Commodity Exchanges were just placed on new CX stations in the two focus systems mentioned above! We will observe how the infrastructure and consumables situation in the respective regions develops and decide about the possible addition of new starting planets at a later point.

Congratulations once again to the well-deserved winners! :trophy:


This is very exciting news! I have a question: will there be Market Makers added to the newly added CXs? Or will they be limited to the 4 original ones?

The new CXs will not have any market makers.


Is it possible to see scores of all the entries? Would be interested to see all what went into picking the winners and how the other efforts stacked up.


It’s awesome that new CX’s are going to be available in those regions! Cudos to all of the people that made this happen, I know how hard you all worked at bringing these new regions to life!

But if you don’t plan on adding MM’s to these new CX’s, then please, do NOT make these new regions into starter areas. There just aren’t enough people in these regions to fake an economy, and since there is no possible way to inject cash into the system without the MM’s, these new people will likely have some problems, so it’s best not to have new players stuck in this situation.

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Even though there’s no MMs, goods still cannot be sold below their MM minimum/maximum prices if you don’t have pro. This is a bit of an issue for some goods like food agri products or some of the minerals produced around Hubur, as their market prices on the LMs is much lower than the minimum price on the CX.