Faction Expansion - Operation Aleutiania


Focus System:

Focus Planets:
EZ-476b (Nova Unalaska)

Neo Charter (NC)

The Pitch:
OIKOS Corporation continues its work on Galactic Development, Frontier Settlement, and Economic Growth. Towards that end, we wish to push the veil of galactic civilization to the very edge of our star cluster. Nova Unalaska offers an opportunity to create an industrial world that would rival Moria and the forge worlds of Antares. From here, we can build what is needed to engineer a new oasis of humanity in the dark void of space.

Who’s Involved?
OIKOS Corporation (IKO) Members -
Westo454 (Operation Coordinator)

Anyone interested in joining the colonization effort should contact Westo454 so that efforts can be coordinated.

What else is around?
Simultaneous to our efforts on Nova Unalaska, GTU is making a settlement effort on Kinza and surrounding systems. This offers much needed access to Fertile Soil, Water, and Oxygen. It is our intent to collaborate and work in parallel with the efforts of GTU to settle the region.

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