Unemployement and POPI


So, if I understand correctly : Population pool is the pool of worker left for us to pick from during the week. At the pop report, it all goes back into the main pool to be redistributed as needed.

Any reason why unemployed population don’t follow the same rules? It could way less annoying to have unemployed population be available to employ, and kept in the “pool” of worker to redistribute at report to avoid abuse.

We currently have around 370 settlers unemployed this week on deimos. However, only 66 (or 61 don’t recall by heart) were employable from the pool. This is already almost filled as only 16 are left, not even 2 days in the week, when in fact, over 300 are unemployed!

So simple solution, unemployed worker (maybe 50%? all of them?) should go in the planetary pool of employable workers during the week and follow the same rule as them when it comes to the weekly report and reshuffle.

I think to recall that molp also mentioned that all planets should have a workforce reserve of 0% but i think thats not true. lets see what he says to this?

Or are you refering to the settlers available when building a new settler building?`
Those amounts are limited per company. if you divide the unemployed by the amount of bases on your planet, does it come close to 60?

thinkg you might be referring to this one

yes exactly!
and it woudnt be compagny based. I only hired 25 this week so I think someone else did a 20 or 25 locally. I do recall it being 6X ish at the beginning of the week

I think we need to make it more clear how the unemployment values are being calculated!

When the population report is being generated (even before the growth or decline of the population is determined) the unemployment for the last week is being calculated. It is as simple as 1 - (current workforce requests / current population). This unemployment value is a snapshot at the time of the report and thus it does not change during the week!

In the next steps the population growth/decline/migration etc is calculated and then the workforce distribution. The distribution does not retain a percentage of the workforce for the reserve pool at the moment. Every workforce that is not assigned to a company is being added to the reserve pool. The reserve pool is not available fully to everyone though, only a fraction of the reserve can be assigned during the week to a particular company. That fraction is shown in the building construction screen. We have this in place to prevent a big player sucking up all the reserve workforce when building a new colony with multiple buildings at once.

I hope that clears up some of the questions you had.

Hi molp.

Thank you for the insight.

So the POPR shows employment and unemployment % based on the last week but the migration / population change is based on the POP tick?

So old and new data combined in one report?
Maybe include this info, that employment and unemployment % is for the time between last report and this report?

As for the construction screen:
Numbers in brackets don’t change during the week and that’s all the workforce for this type of population available to me.
They come from the reserve pool, correct?
But only population that was not able to be assigned equally to all requesters, ends up in the reserve pool, correct?

Employment is based on the values of the last week up until the point in time where the report is generated. The changes in workforce are also “applied” at the report time. So both is really a snapshot of the population at the time of the report.

If a new player founds a base the 200 pioneers appear in the next report, the reports generated before that stay as they are.

If I remember correctly the numbers in brackets (available reserve workforce for your company) do change dynamically. Yes, this workforce is from the reserve pool.

Yes, at the moment only the “left over” workforce ends up in the reserve pool.

Ok. So we don’t know the new employment and unemployment values after population change?
Or is the population change calculated before the (un)employment values?

Should there not be two (for each type) (un)employment values on the report?
One for the last week and one for after population change and redistribution?

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Correct. Pop change is after unemployment values. The unemployment % is based on the prior population, thus we are getting the total employed population at the end of the prior week. (Pop+change on the current popr).

I guessing that since unemployment is part of the pop change formula, it has to be recalculated first.

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That is indeed what I found when looking at Talosia and Esabab.