Release Notes - 2021.1

Release date

The 2021.1 release will be released on Thursday, 25th of March

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • Stations now have Local Markets! The only difference to planetary LMs are that they are limited to shipping ads and everyone (PRO license required) can post shipping ads. The origin or destination address of an shipping ad has to be the station!
  • While fixing an issue with the length of the usernames in chats we also added a corporation tag to every username their company has joined one


  • After a base is deleted (due to a COLIQ for example) the initial workforce of 200 pioneers is removed.
  • The population will not create a workforce reserve pool if the available workforce is smaller than 3x amount of companies requesting that workforce
  • The ALO market maker bid has been reduced from 68 to 42
  • Added missing resource oxygen to some fertile planets:


These changes have been deployed some time ago:

  • The resources AR and HAL have not been generated properly. Added them to some planets. For a full list see here.


  • Fixed a contract bug that occurred when a delivery was attempted and the contract timed out afterwards. This would leave the contract in an invalid state.
  • Warehouses didn’t check thoroughly enough if there is enough space for the goods if a unit is removed.
  • Flight segments will remember their fuel usage (and consume the fuel accordingly) even if the servers restart in the middle of a flight
  • Fixed the ship inventory sort controls
  • Input-less recipes (for example in the buildings SD and SE) are now shown in the BUI command

wasn’t that already done?

Yes it was, but I wanted to have it in a official release notes anyways. I’ll mark it as released earlier!


absolute murder on my ALO -> MM runs, good job! Maybe i shoulda kept my pie hole shut? :rofl:

MG and S MM’s not also being looked at?

I look forward to Harmonia being the O capital of the world in place of the ALO Nerf though :stuck_out_tongue:

S isn’t really all that viable, the SME’s are really expensive lol.

In other news Antares was murdered by those MM changes.

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You leave my mg mm alone


Current ppl are fine, most of them have generated enough wealth to compete

New players starting in ANT region are absolutly fucked now :frowning: There isin’t many good thing to tell newbros other than to go start elsewhere atm, unless they want to participate in a small group of independant players

The Antares region has the best sources of ALO in the game. (There seem to be some marginally better sources near Moria on higher tier worlds, but I doubt that will out compete Deimos.) The problem is that significant demand for AL or ALO hasn’t appeared in the game yet. My recommendation would be to set yourself up to manufacture AL products like L-fabs, Trusses, exosuits, and SEA in time for those to be useful to the wider community.

All 4 of these market are even more dead than AL.

Phobos is subpar in every way to montem for construction. Harmonia is subpar in every way to prom in FI. SIO isint quite enough useful enough to make something interesting out of it

Promoting ppl to deimos, which is the only thing that ANT excels at, is either MM spamming ALO or going for B-fabs PP2. Spamming ALO with a 35 MM will mean that getting enough capital for a PP2 is around 2 weeks instead of 3 days.

I am not sure how many ppl will wait 2 week to grow into something barely interesting. I forsure woudn’t.

By the time AL demand actually exist enough to make starting on ALO an interesting start, I guarantee you most of these newbros will have already quitted. While it’s not a “bad” start per say, it’s way harder than the three other region and not very interesting or profitable

Antares is definitely less new-player friendly then even the Katona area. Pretty much tier one AL is all it has going for it-the FEO deposit is terrible.

FYI, we still stand by our decision to adjust the ALO MM but we set it to 42 instead of 35.


The game remains interesting !! thumbs up
Hortus as a base is a bad choice, the main resources are very, very, very, very, very far, light years away!!! thumbs down

It’s just a matter of time until Promitor starts dominating again. Once the B-Fab shortage has been resolved it is going to be one of the most powerful planets. FRMs are not very capital intensive. Before the reset I built a base on Etherwind for 350k that generated at least 20k profit per day. Promitor has even greater fertility and back then it also had an agriculture CoGC which boosted agriculture productivity by another 25%.