Release Notes - Early Access

Release date

The Early Access release will launch on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

General Notes

After two years of First Access content and optimizations, Prosperous Universe is ready to take the next leap in development! A brand-new world is upon us where both new and seasoned players start on equal footing. The introduction of Company Headquarters adds a new layer to your base-building strategy while on the road to galactic riches. And rumors abound that a mysterious fourth faction has taken up residence among several planets.

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • An expanded universe featuring 4,000+ planets
  • Company Headquarters
  • A new faction: Antares Initiative


Core Module Kit
To mitigate some of the COLIQ abuse potential of the starting materials we removed the materials necessary for founding a base from the starter packages. Instead we added a new item, the core module kit CMK which will be used to found your first base. CMKs are not tradable at CXs and cannot be used for anything else than starting the first base.

General materials:

  • Added MAI to HYF (so you can make RAT with HYF + FP now)
  • Added new minerals SCR and MGS, S and MG are now elements
  • Changed category of W to metals
  • Adjusted some recipes in AML for better input / output weight ratios
  • Small buff to FER recipes to account for the fact that they require AMM nowadays
  • Reduced electronics MMs (including NV1, NV2) significantly
  • Reduced weight and volume of H2O
  • Raised the amount of consumables and production materials in starter packages


  • Changed LM building costs to use LBH & BTA instead of BBH & LTA for earlier accessibility
  • Added TRU to building costs of IVP, AML, SPP, SPF
  • Improved consistency of area / building costs of habitation buildings
  • Smoothened building cost curve of habitations (e.g. HB3 now uses lightweight prefabs, HB4 now uses reinforced prefabs)


  • Introduced new materials (GNZ, GCH, LFP, GEN, CQT, BRS) to allow for the construction of basic STL-only ships on Technician tier
  • Adjusted effort for hull plate recipes in HWP
  • Reduced weight of all hull plates for consistency reasons
  • To counteract the hull plate weight reduction, increased weight of SSC and reduced thrust of all STL engines


  • Reduced the amount of necessary building materials for infrastructure projects
  • Increased the upkeep intervals to 3 and 10 days (was 1 and 7 days)
  • Added LR context items to POPI and POPR
  • Increased safety and health generated by each base
  • Renamed POP command to WF to discern it more clearly from planetary population commands
  • The workforce distribution mechanism was changed to counteract workforce stealing. Instead of re-distributing all workforces each week, every base keeps up to 75% of its workforce and only the rest is re-distributed among all of the planet’s bases.

And now we shall see what the conversion ratio is. Average for this type of game is between 5% and 14%.

Is there an exact time planned for when the new universe goes online? Due to time zone differences between you (PrUn Devs), me (many hours behind), and my corp members (all over the world), it would be helpful to know so we can coordinate.

Also, so we can have beverages prepared for the occasion.


Also you haven’t confirmed any pricing yet except that 3 month package.

@Counterpoint Why no TRU in HB3,4 and 5? maybe add DEC to 4 and 5 as well?