Habitats and their cost

Hey everyone,

With the Early Access release, the cost for Habitats got changed.

Somehow HB2 turns out to be cheaper to build than a HB1.
Further only HB2 needs TRU, the others not, oversight?

With this adjustment the mixed Habs (HBB, HBC, HBM, HBL) are now more expensive, and I fear that they will not be build at all.

Maybe @Counterpoint can look into this sometime?
If and when it gets looked into maybe consider adding other Construction Parts/Materials to the cost.
A HB4 and HB5 could do with some DEC in addition to the TRU.

Hey, thank you for the feedback! The buildings costs of the low-tier habs (HB1, HB2) were actually not touched at all if I remember correctly. Will definitely keep an eye on it though. Actually I like the idea of making hybrid habs cheaper in general (not just in terms of area), cause they usually make for more interesting strategies than the full-on focus on one particular type of workforce. :slight_smile:

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Currently the hybrid habs have no advantage in area (ignoring rounding) so only justify their high cost in corner cases where you only need 75 of one tier and don’t have the space for 100.

IMHO a few less space on hybrid habs could be interesting. With HQ, it will become more and more interesting to optimize planet space to the max.

Also, random idea, maybe having them mix-in with STOs bonus? every hybrid hab could give 500/500 space? (just a random idea, might not be anywhere near good :D)