Monthly Economic Report - 2024 03

Here’s the latest monthly economic report!

Last reports:


We hit a milestone, 1 year of economic reports! :tada:


Lots of interesting things in this report! We see the first ever decrease in money supply, with almost 125m less CIS in existence this month than last month.

Although it seems like the drop in CIS is probably accounted for by ~3 people leaving the game, we do have steady MM activity in each currency, and steady growth in the other 3 currencies:

We also see the effects of player “ChineseEarthquake” who transacted about 700,000 RAT on the ANT CX last week. He bought nearly the entire supply and then sold it back to open buy orders. Of the quantity he sold, about 185,714 RAT were sold to the ANT market maker at 35/u.


I have updated someone’s spreadsheet with the last few months of data for anyone who wants to do analysis over longer time periods: