Monthly Economic Report - 2023 03

In the past we have occasionally shared some of the data we collect of the universe’s economy. Recently a player suggested that we could do that again.

I really like the idea of having regular reports, that show the universe’s current state, but we don’t have that on our immediate roadmap and no dev time to implement it within the game. What we do have though, are our internal tools that the team uses to look at this kind of data.

Since these tools are internal, and we don’t feel comfortable granting access to all players at the moment, I decided to create a dashboard that we could use as a basis for the monthly report. Granted, sharing a screenshot of this dashboard is not the same as having all the nice features it provides normally, but it’s better than nothing and can be realized in a relatively short amount of time.

So below you’ll find the very first monthly economic report. Some of the graphs don’t have data for the full month, since I had to make some adjustments and it only started collecting data from this point in time.

Please let us know if you find this report interesting and also in what kind of data you are interested in.


This is awesome :grin:

I would personally be very interested in production stats for ship parts (particularly the eight engines and VCB/LCB/WCB), and I’m sure many people would be interested in stats for all tiers of fabs.

These internal tools are very welcome - thanks for such a fast turnaround since the idea got floated by someone. I particularly like this.


I love the statistics. Our corp is having a lot of fun figuring out which products we have a relevant % share in (relevant being >=1%). Wouldn’t mind seeing even more data, i.e. for intermediary productions, or consumption rates. But I guess that would come if you ever end up publicizing the API for that monitoring.

I’m really glad to see this will be a monthly thing!

Usually the economics in multiplayer games get demolished via exploits or bugs… so I’m glad the charts are very consistent!

@Alblaka I’m surprised that I’m making ~18% of the HMS supply.
~540 HMS/day universe wide… I’m producing ~100 HMS/day

@RNGzero You might have a competitor soon. Not me, mind you, but a corpmate, after realizing that his sideproduction is already 3% of universal supply, is considering to expand that production line just to be able to claim being a ‘big blip’ on the galactic charts :smiley:


That’s me, except with SCN lol. I also have ~18% of universe production.

Perfect, the market for them keeps growing that I cannot supply Moria.

Would it be possible to get the graphs also as csv for download somewhere? Then as players we can do aggregation and text metrics lowstrife mentioned on our end with no additional work for the devs.

As far as I know it is not possible to export all graphs in a dashboard to CSV at once. Until we find a solution for that I could only provide CSVs of a few selected graphs.

Is it possible to get a consumable consumption graph next time?

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Meh. These stats may be useful to Big Dogs looking to build more Ships, but I’m looking for info on the economic - and social - health of the PrUniverse. I’m an Old Player (prior Universe) who dropped out of this Universe for a while and recently restarted.

What I see - in BEN space, at least - is Consumption Mat costs rising fast, which would drive most new players to give up quick.

As an Old Guy, I can deal with it - do some Hauling for an established Company, accept slow growth - but I suspect that PrUn loses a lot of new players who expect a faster/easier early growth curve. I restarted on Gibson, and I see maybe a dozen new Bases/Players there each day; I suspect that most of them don’t survive more than a week or so. I’d like to see Devs - and Big Dogs - make things a little easier for the Newbies.

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Unfortunately we don’t track material consumption yet.