Monthly Economic Report - 2023 08

Here’s the latest monthly economic report!

Last reports:


I’ve updated the sheet as per usual.

There’s some amount of data now, so I’ve tried my hand at some random observations and predictions for some goods. This is not financial advice, go to r/wsb to lose money, yada yada.

Money production again on usual levels around 650 million currency units. That’s roughly on par with the value of the newly created resources, if I assume a 50% margin for primary industries. (I’d still love some input on this number, but at least for ores, that’s likely low balling it.) So I general think we are deflating a little bit.


  • TIO/CUO prices are falling a bit after their volume stabilized


  • GAL increase in production, but traded value down by 10%. I would expect further price drops in the future.
  • BRM steady increase and stable prices
  • CLI production down to a third of the previous month, after that one had but twice as productive as usual.
  • same for ZIR
  • TAI in for a second very strong month, but not as high as last month
  • I don’t even BOR. Price and volume all over the place last quarter and this month is no exception.


  • O production slightly going down after the price peak a few months ago. Total value about half of the peak back then.
  • AMM now stable at 16’000 units after it rose from ~7’000 over the previous three months. Value slightly declining
  • N production increasing, but total value decreasing. Additionally CX traded N halves in the last two months, potentially indicating price drops even below early 2023 levels.

Water production is still stable, but total value continues to drop. H2O.CI1 has been stable around 29 for a while, but we might see further price decreases at the other CXs.

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Hey @molp, what’s the ETA for the latest monthly economic report?

Oh, sorry, totally forgot about that. Will post it today.