Bugs and Improvements

Found a bug on the mobile interface CONTD defaults to buy contract creation without giving any other options. The only way round it is to have a contract of the correct type pre-saved you can alter.

There’s some wonkiness in the labels for “volume” graphs (see screenshot)

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If I request “termination” of an NPC contract, will it ever terminate, or will it forever be in a “pending” state?

Factions don’t terminate. They also don’t extend if you breach (different thing, just thought I’d mention it).

So it will be in my list of “pending” contracts in the sidebar forever and ever and ever? I was afraid of that

faction contracs will close out after a certain time. just leave it and it will eventually go away.
Termination is for a contract between two players as each side needs to request termination to complete.

More examples of this issue here:

It’s not exactly a faction contract. I bought 1 unit of FF from ANT CX, without a warehouse to receive it, just to see what would happen. I saw that the purchase got converted into a contract.

Since I had no intention of flying to ANT space to pick up the droplet of fuel, I clicked “request termination” on the contract, hoping to make it disappear from my list of pending contracts. Unfortunately, it seems that the counter party (Antares Faction, in this case) won’t terminate from their end.

I hope you’re right, that it will eventually go away. It’s a bit annoying that it still shows up in my sidebar, along with all my other “live” contracts.

Spend 100 AIC on a warehouse, fulfill that contract, sell that FTL for a huge profit, cancel the warehouse.


Would it be possible to update the FLTS buffer so that ships appear not only when they are in the system but when the system is the destination.
Annoying having to manually co-ordinate ships you know are on route but haven’t arrived in the system yet.

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ohh, that one wont go away.

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Any possibility of changing the browser tab names from “Prosperous Universe” to something that indicates what is on the tab like the screen description. It’s very difficult to find the right bookmark when all your screen tabs are labeled Prosperous Universe.

The manual workaround for now is to just edit the name of your bookmarks in your web browser. You can call them whatever you want.


That only works for bookmarks and is a pain to do each time and as soon as you open the bookmark anything unique is lost as it is back to Prosperous Universe.
I tend to have more than one PrUn tab open so finding the right tab can be a click party.

Oh if you have multiple tabs open, won’t tab groups work (on chrome)?

BUG: Company Ratings haven’t changed since launch of liquidity, score is still based on the same number of contracts

The problem is not the number of tabs but that they are all called Prosperous Universe, to use groups like that I’d have to assign each tab to a seperate group.

Chrome is not my first browser either so that doesn’t solve the problem elsewhere

Each screen has a unique URL.


Can we get some commas in the text input fields (not just here, but also in CXPO and other text-input areas)? It would make counting zeros a lot easier. Thanks!


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