Vote for your favorite QoL improvement

Last week I asked what your favorite Quality of Life (QoL) improvements are and the topic was overwhelmed with replies! Thanks for all your answers. As promised I collected all the replies, removed the duplicate ones etc etc and created the poll below.

Please vote (everybody, not just if you posted in the other topic) what your favorite QoL improvements are. It is a multiple choice poll with up to five possible answers. I will show the results once the poll closes on December 17th.

EDIT: Just to not set false expectations (and being transparent): this poll is to get an overview what the community wants the most and we won’t commit ourselves to implement exactly what comes out at top :wink:

  • Sidebar: let FIN lead to liquid assets (+ key figures)
  • “full quantity” button in CXPO that adjusts the price so the full specified quantity will be bought
  • Allow to modify a CX order without storage capacity at the location
  • Repetitive production order automation
  • Production line splitting (having more than one line per type of building)
  • Fix misalignment between production line headers and content when scrolling horizontally
  • Production queue length extensions
  • Inventory folders
  • Load/unload all ship cargo to base/warehouse and vv
  • Ability to move a specific amount of items between stores
  • Warehouse extensions
  • Refueling button to refuel from base/warehouse storage
  • Indicator how long consumables last for each workforce
  • Base resupply command (automatic bulk transfer of selected/necessary items into a ship)
  • Base supply contracts (provide x units of y for the next z days)
  • Expert progress meter per category
  • Corporation management (kick members, roles, …)
  • Corporation storage facility
  • Make population consumable slider more granular
  • Shipping contracts with more than one item type
  • Search/sort for LM ads by origin/destination/player/commodity
  • Private trading (direct contracts between two players)
  • Flag that shows if LM shipping ad is auto-provisioned
  • Personal trading blacklist
  • LM-wide trading blacklist
  • Show total weight/volume of a LM buy or sell ad
  • Command to list and search for resource deposits
  • Route planner command
  • Separate accounting for governor’s office
  • Filters / sorting options for CXOS command
  • Make the shortcuts (Ctrl+space, escape) work reliably

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Oh my, picking just five was hard!

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Looking forward to the result of the poll and if any of it can be implemented by the devs.

@molp is anything on the list unreasonable or nearly impossible to implement?
A simple yes or no is enough if you don’t want to point fingers.

Oh man… Not sure if my vote even worked (Vote now button is still there) but there is no less than 9 that need to be implemented…

I think that’s because you can change your vote until the poll ends. Don’t worry, you voted!

The results are in! Thanks for contributing!

TIL, apparently one cannot change a poll after it has been running a while, even when just changing who should be able to see the results. So, here are the results in form of an image :confused:

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oh interesting.

@molp is the amount of votes for governor tax account equal to the amount of governors in the game?