Trace Deposits

One of the additions to the planets this universe was the addition of trace resources. However, the trace resource amounts are too low the really be of any use.

I’d like to propose Tier 3 resource buildings that extract at a set amount, but require other consumables to work.

For instance say a Tier 3 RIG-like structure would produce about 100 of a given resource each day, no matter the deposit concentration. If you add a resource required to extract say H2O more effectively going up to 1000-2000/day in consumables, you’ll add 10-20 to the base unit cost+ tech maintenance which would allow new players and players on resource rich planets to compete effectively. For instance H2O from water-rich planets can be obtained at less then 10/day.

For Atmospheric you’d probably want 2000-3000/day and Mineral 3000-4000/day(as Mineral ores are worth more and gases are pretty valuable)

Add in R-fabs or L-fabs needed and it would be not a “better-case” in every scenario decision.

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Can you give an example of when such a trace element extraction would be useful in practice?

In a location where you’d want to minimize shipping. Or if you need larger quantities of a product that a EXT, RIG or COL can provide.

Or deposits that are naturally low in concentration, like HE3, NE or Aragon. Or on the Mineral side of things HAL.

Overall, if deposit concentration doesn’t matter, what’s the point of going to a specialized planet to get a rare materials? I feel like this change isn’t necessary. If you were looking for space-age amounts of AUO, you wouldn’t go mining on Earth with its trace deposits, even if you had a bunch of fancy tech.