The growth of the universe through investing

The situation.

Having a production that does not require freezing a lot of liquidity in raw materials and receiving a prepayment I have cash that I use to resell Hortus > Moria. But I run into some difficulties.

  • The market volume of some commodities
  • Conversion back NCC > ICA.
  • Low spread between some commodities.
  • Low volume of cash that can fit in the ship as goods.


I moved to invest in new player bases inside and outside the corporation. Capital allows you to buy bfabs when prices fall on CX or Montem at low prices. By investing cash with some bonuses you can get the price of different goods below CX and resell goods not available to others in CX > CX format. This approach sometimes allows you to turn around 200-300-400 Area production in just one day and fill the market with goods that will accelerate the development of some new markets.

How it works

  1. Buying bfabs in Moriah at wholesale prices

  2. Bringing to Hortus and making some materials locally.

  3. I create 5-10 contracts to buy goods at scale with new plants and make prepayments. The turnaround time for one contract is approximately 1 day.

  4. The player creates contracts to buy materials for construction, which he pays from the prepayment for the goods and receives instantly from me bfabs.

As a result, just buying bfabs in advance just a day you can get the goods in 24h. Right now I have invested about 1.4 - 1.6m


  1. Limits on the number of open contracts. For those who did not know now the limit is 70 and I often hit it. Asked the developers and we came to the conclusion that the new personal contracts should solve this problem.

  2. Many, many messages. I have to create a lot of dialogs and write to people who make a similar product to offer to quickly expand their production. Messages in public chats and within corporations. Also weed out unreliable players, players who reply once a week because they don’t check chat and more.

  3. Time. To find people who are interested in investing, while having no more activity than when playing on their own, it takes a long time. There are players who have free cash, sometimes even in the millions. Even this player is saving up for high-tech production and now there are 500k he could invest until he collects the necessary amount for its construction and get no big profits. But my method is very time consuming and not many are willing to do it although there are players who are sitting on cash.


We need more mechanisms for mutually beneficial transfer of liquidity from richer players to younger players. These could be new windows and APEX that would help coordinate producers and investors. Or other mechanisms that I hope the players will suggest.

I understand that building your own base may be more profitable than investing in someone else’s, but the number of bases is limited not only by the cost of improving HQ but also by logistics and other factors.
You can invest in a producer of raw materials for your main production and get materials with a price below CX

In some corporations you can get credit at 0% but it’s not always used effectively. With capital sometimes higher than the cost of the base you can buy materials in bulk and really save 50k ±. If the manufacturer himself buys the materials then the base can be built only in a week or more given the logistics that increases the time of repayment of the loan by weeks. Whereas my gameplay allows you to get the money in 24-72h.

I would be glad to hear suggestions from other players and especially the opinion of the developers.


Time is indeed a limiting factor for many players. Your approach requires a lot of time and attention. Many prefer a more relax gameplay.

Loans? A banking system? Richer players could just lend money to less advanced players and make profits with the interest rate. But for now this is risky because there is no guarantee that the loan will be ever reimbursed. So loans are mostly practiced inside corporations (more trust), but there the interest rate is indeed 0.

By the way, some generous players simply donate credits to starting players who subscribed a PRO license. For a rich player donating 100 K credits is not a big deal. But for a starting player this makes a lot of difference.

In our corporation it is.

It may be difficult to translate it into English.

In my case, investing is a necessity dictated by my chosen industry and the benefits of being in a corporation.

You have just named the main problem, solving which can accelerate the development of the universe. It is time consuming but if you add at least special sections for communication with some restrictions for exchange or a new contract format it can help. When you create a purchase contract you might not get paid or given goods either, but we’re trading somehow.

I am also a member of a corporation and I can see some of the credits moving around but they aren’t always effective. I already wrote why.
And what can we say about the young player who will buy materials for CX at high prices in Hortus. And if you add the purchase of raw materials and shipping, the base will only start working in a week or two. There are examples. I’ve been able to reduce construction costs by 10-15% just by ordering bfabs in bulk and in advance.

100k will help when building DW/RAT but to build more useful items you need 400-500-700k already.

Alternatively, you could add a building construction script to the new custom contracts. That in the chain of resource exchanges after the payment of bfabs from the prepayment for the goods was a condition for the construction of certain buildings on the planet for these materials. The number and type of buildings buildings and the planet to build will be prescribed in the contract.

If necessary I can come up with a scenario within the contract with real numbers

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