The Expanse Season 3

Good news, there’s finally a date for the premiere of season 3.

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I’m so ready for this! It won’t be on German Netflix until a few months later, though. :confounded:

I watched the first two seasons with german subs, i think it’s a much better experience, than watching it dubbed.

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I’ll absolutely watch the new season in English! But if I understand correctly, it won’t be available in any language on Netflix Germany until many months after airing in the US.

I really have to get around to finishing the first season. And reading the book sitting on my shelf…
I could say that about a LOT of things though…

There are other possibilites than Netflix :roll_eyes:
The Interwebz is vast, you know.

I absolutely love the british accent of Dominique Tipper and the smokey voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo.

This might be the most important one, though. :wink:

I wasn’t going to say it, but until the world is truly globalized and we all get access to the same series at the same time, we’ll have to pirate some stuff and re-watch or buy it when it comes out here. I might have done that with season 1 by buying it as a DVD I never even played. :smiley:

Amen to that! I really don’t want to hear the German dub, it’s usually terrible. :grimacing:

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There’s a new, longer trailer now!

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The score after Chrisjen starts whisteling at 0:46 almost instantly reminded me of the Deux Ex: Human Revolution score.

I think you can hear it best, after Adam got his new arms at 3:18, or at 3:35 where he corners the hacker.
It’s actually not absolutely the same score, because i think the Expanse one missed a step or something, but i definitely hear a resemblance here, but maybe it’s just me.

And to clarify, i liked the Deus Ex score quite much, so in conclusion i like the Expanse one, too.

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Haha, 100 %! :smile: Nice catch. Ultra-generic suspenseful trailer strings, comin’ right up.

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I am really excited for the return of this show


I guess we all are :upside_down_face:

I cant wait for it on netflix. :grinning:


US Netflix doesn’t even have the show! It’s on Amazon Prime (1&2). Finishing up now, finally got around to that second season!

For real? Are you sure? :open_mouth: I wish it was on Amazon Prime here as well, they seem to get the shows to Germany a lot faster.

Really depends on the individual show. For example, Netflix has the global non-US rights to Star Trek Discovery and they can release it immediately world-wide. But because CBS only airs one episode per week, Netflix can only release one per week, too. Kinda silly, but oh well :slight_smile:

Oh man. In some ways, I can’t wait for the world to be truly globalized.

The show was cancelled by Syfy. :confused: No fourth season planned. Let’s hope Netflix picks it up.

LET’S DO THIS! :smile:

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