The Expanse Season 3


I would have preferred Netflix, but let’s not be picky :wink:


Oh yeah, please! Netflix declined a while ago unfortunately. And although the article states that the deal with Amazon isn’t closed yet, it looks like this is happening!


The Expanse has been picked up by Amazon! :fireworks:


I have still not watched season 3, patiently waiting for to come out on Netflix in Germany. But apparently a few weeks ago, because The Expanse was picked up by Amazon, it was pulled from Netflix altogether. :roll_eyes: I can’t get season 3 in Germany yet, won’t let me buy the digital download without a US-issued credit card. The DVD release is apparently going to take another year. Do they want me to pirate it? Do you guys have any other ideas beside pirating? :neutral_face:


No clue why Amazon would geo-block their own IP. But pretty sure there’s stupid licensing deals involved in the background that force that move. Which doesn’t make it any better…I’m just glad that I won’t get around to any season of The Expanse for another few months, given my limited time budget and the size of my TV backlog :wink:


IT’S FINALLY ON PRIME VIDEO. See you guys in a couple of days, bye. :smile:


I was super confused the other day that Season 1/2 are still pay-per-view while only season 3 is available as part of Prime.


And I am still grumpy that it isn’t available on Netflix anymore. Still haven’t watched the last part of S2 :confused:


Similar here…I wanted to show the first few episodes to someone and couldn’t without paying.