Team Play for when company is too large to manage by yourself

I wonder if there is any team play for when your company is too much for one person to manage. Will there be sort of employee (real player) cost to help manage your company?

You could assign them roles such as Marketing, Base operators etc.

You could have it where if you join a company by getting hired. you’d get paid x amount of cash that goes into your personal balance. You can be fired if your not doing a good job at the assigned role. And if you wanted to start a company you would have to leave current company. If you don’t have enough cash to start a company up you’d have to either start the game over or get hired by another company. Ratings of a person would be a thing.

I am enjoying this game but I personally think this would be a good feature. Just getting deep into progression would require a lot of time to put in I think. Which would be better divided among players.

what is endgame like for amount of time required to keep company going? Cause I don’t know

It’s called corporation.

But trading as say a trial user is almost impossible. There needs to be in corp trading function that is available to f2p users.

The issue with making LM style trades available to F2P users is that it allows people to exploit free accounts to transfer extra starting goods to themselves. i.e. it allows easy ways to cheat.

Also, there have to be some good features behind the paywall, otherwise there is no incentive for players to pay for PRO, and the devs wouldn’t make any money, and then they couldn’t keep the game running.

Not a lot.

This is PrUn after all :wink:

But there is so many planets, asteroids and such

There are only planets, no asteroids yet.

Still, the amount of time needed to play PrUn is not a lot compared to most other games. You can minimize it to minutes per week if you plan your bases accordingly.

Right now I spend more time with spreadsheets for the game then I do with the game itself and I’m just starting. I still would like a team with planet roles, decision making as a team, assign x number of ships they can control and such. Also help with designing spreadsheets as things progress. Maybe a team of 3 would be the max.

To sum it up I’d like to experience a sort of role play in a company when playing.

I think a feature like this would be even more inviting to new players that likes playing as a group then solo. They can learn together, orgainize their company together. Plan their next expansion and so forth. Imo there isn’t a whole lot trail users can do on their own. Sell to exchange, build hq to lvl 5 I think. And expand. Having team play might gain new users to play and maybe even support the game if they like it.

All of that already takes place in corporations. You coordinate shipping, plan base expansions, and help each other get the resources to do so. It’s currently against TOS to share an account.

While corporations pretty much require PRO/BASIC, the devs have to eat, so I think it’s a fair barrier. If you really want to play the game in a team fashion for cheap, buy one month of PRO then drop back to BASIC, where most corporations will still accept you.

I think it could certainly be an interesting mechanic to grant base inventory and/or management (production) access for other players, but it seems like a lot of work for the developers and opens up a lot of potential security risks if it can be exploited somehow.

One youtuber quit because his company became too big and it was too much for one person to keep up with. I’m not proposing sharing accounts but to hire/fire real employees in a company so that work load isn’t a lot. Assign them to operate bases, discuss expansions, work together in one Company.