Suggestion: Split BMP into two buildings

The BMP is far more flexible and covers a lot of very different things in it right now relative to other buildings. Especially most pioneer buildings. So I’d suggest splitting it into two buildings. The basic materials plant, which mainly refines raw resources, now makes PE, MCG, I, MG, and SEA. Its new counterpart would be the Factory (FAC), which produces finished consumer goods, would make OVE, PWO, EXO, PT, OFF, SUN, etc.

The BMP would be much more space and construction material expensive (and power if added), say 20 area but only employs 30-40 pioneers. While the FAC would be much more labor intensive, taking up 12 area but employing 80-100 pioneers.

If implemented to the existing universe, the change should be announced a month ahead of time and the FAC building added to the game while the BMP stays as it was. After a month the BMP is changed to match the new building plan and the old recipes removed.

The manufacturing start would be changed to start with a COL, BMP, and FAC. While the constructor still starts with a BMP and PP1.


This striation also gives a good opportunity to produce the settler version of the factory (name unavailable) which produces SET basic consumables more efficiently than the basic FAC, PWO more efficiently than the FAC, and basic TECH consumables at a slow rate.

This chain could go all the way up to ENG, at which point the current system of consumables feels to be at the right level of complexity (for SCIs)

I think @Counterpoint has a similar plan for the next universe :slight_smile:


As someone who just started as a manufacturing specialist, the good part is that it would reduce the information overload for the new player. Splitting the buildings would make their roles more intuitive.

My only concern is balance. As a new manufacturer, your production bonus is only applied to the labour costs, not your production input cost. You are very much at the mercy of input prices when you start out. Without flexibility, a new player could pick a starting building where they can’t make a profit for some time. A person who likes the game might just COLIQ, but a less convinced player might just rage quit.

Also, since it seems likely that a new player would start with pioneer buildings, they need some niches where settler production is not strictly better, as they wouldn’t stand much of a chance in a more advanced universe.


I think taking the more advanced recipes like REP, SUN, etc. And making them exclusive to a tier 2 building would also work.

Alternatively move the COT + PG recipe to the CLF to solve the problem of that building having insufficient utility when there aren’t many techs yet. Possibly do the same with PWO?

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Much of this has been discussed before

I would like to see a T1 Chemistry building processing S, MG, I and CA, the CLF be able to make PWO OVE SUN in addition to the BMP but with varying efficiencies, and the BMP (Factory/General Workshop) still be very flexible to cover early game but some of its recipes are more efficiently done elsewhere, like PE in a POL, PWO in a CLF…

PWO must not be tier 2 as it is the “cheap” luxury; most pops have a same-tier luxury and an above-tier luxury, (COF for PIO).

KOM and REP break this rule however, so maybe moving REP up a tier (or even 2!) would fit the pattern better.

Also worth pointing out that COT +PG is trash, but it does drive demand for the higher tier WPL, which is a plus imho.

SUN, STR, and SEA would be my preferred candidates for taking out; SEA seems more like a CONS recipe, and SUN/STR would need balancing at point of consumption (POPI) to reflect higher costs.

I think splitting evenly in two: Bulk Materials Plant and Basic Manufacturing (uh Shop? BMS is free)

Bulk would be: I,MCG,MG,PE,SEA

This also splits it along a thematic line

[quote=“Hevlikn, post:7, topic:3589, full:true”]
PWO must not be tier 2 as it is the “cheap” luxury; most pops have a same-tier luxury and an above-tier luxury, (COF for PIO).[/quote]

All luxuries require the tier above. PWO require a product from a WPL.

It’s the only recipe I run these days for OVE. It produces 50% more OVE.

REP is made from T3 material tho, and same for KOM

and honestly COT + PG needs a bit more love, like the PG-BDE recipe (but I disgress)

My idea was that the BMP still does all it currently does, but long term some of its products are more efficiently made elsewhere.