Suggestion: Move processing buildings to fuel category

The fuel refining expert category has only one building it affects, the fuel refinery. I think a case can be made to make the Technetium Processing and Einsteinium Enrichment buildings into fuel refining buildings. Enriching Uranium was done in massive plants of endless centrifudges. Enriching these radio active materials could be similar sorts of processes. These aren’t really chemistry labs, as they’re large high maintenance facilities that only really do one thing. Much closer to what a refinery looks like, and why it would make sense to move them from chemistry to fuel refining.

This won’t seriously hurt chemistry experts, as the category has 5 other buildings in it. Technetium isn’t used for much anyway and no Einsteinium Enrichment buildings exist yet.


What if the entire “Fuel Refining” Expert line was done away with and “Refining” was created in its stead which deals with things like TCO + ES + Fuel?


Just remove fuel refining and include it under chemicals.
Chem doesn’t have a tier 1 / starter building anyway.

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