Suggestion for ship refit /upgrade /salvage

Now that the universe is starting to have some Scientist, everyone is thinking about their next FTL ship.

but, wouldn’t it be better to be able to upgrade our new glass ships to add the FTL parts needed?

I think it would be a nice addition to the game to be able to modify our current ships, either by “upgrading” and adding/removing the needed parts, or by being able to salvage them and re-use the parts salvaged to make a whole new ship.

I’m guessing the salvaging part may be easier to implement since it already exists in a way for buildings.
it could also bring a new infrastructure as a “salvage yard” or just be an option in existing shipyard.

for now, everyone wants more ships of any kind since we are in an expending economy, but players with low ressources could more easily access to FTL ships rather than being stuck to STL ships.

and in a far away future, players with too many ships could salvage them and sell the parts or even salvage a STL ship in system A to reassemble in system B to ajust for shipping needs.

of course, all those step would possibly imply taxes and lost parts in the process.


It’d be like repair, except the ship goes in with its current parts (less degradation), any other inputs needed and blueprint, and comes out as per the blueprint with any leftover parts available. Wanna add/remove radiation shielding? Just send it in for refit…

Refitting should always be more expensive than pro-forma construction.

As long as the costs are offset (more time, higher fees, higher parts consumption) I would be fine with this.