Spare First Access key?

Hi there,

unfortunatly I didn’t check my E-Mail frequently enough and missed “my” first access key. I’d love to support development with testing especially during my vacation.

If anyone happens to have a spare key I’d be greatful to take it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!



Hey, Fori!

The newsletter keys were gone within minutes, we were pretty surprised ourselves. :smiley: You can purchase a key for 10 €, but we’re currently not giving away any for free.

However, if you read my post on the release, there’s a hint on where you might find some spare keys. :wink:

Thanks! Appreciated your reply.

I found a key on one of those sites and started playing.

Unfortunately I started on a planet without an exchange.

There’s no reset feature yet. Right? So far I am really amazed. Guess I’ll need some google docs spreadsheets going on soon :smiley:

Glad you like it so far! :smiley:

You can reset your company using the COLIQ command. Hit NEW BFR in the bottom left, enter “coliq”, confirm the company liquidation and then refresh the page to start over.

Thanks. Starting over as a farmer now and going to build some spreadsheet. Or are there productionplanners already?