First Access launch!

Dear licensees,

the wait has come to an end. After three years of development, the first public, commercial version of Prosperous Universe is now available. We are calling it Prosperous Universe First Access!

Martin has written a blog post to answer all the fundamental questions, such as “How can I play” and “What is First Access”. Read it here!

The trailer is another example for how, even though we are slow, we will get done what we promised eventually. Please have a look, have a listen, share it with your friends, family, and pets! :champagne:

Game keys
As Martin mentions in his post, First Access is similar to Early Access in that it allows us to collect feedback and monetize the game during development. We opted for a Kickstarter-like tier system and we will appreciate every contribution a lot. Desiging the rewards, we did our very best not to implement any in-game advantages, but at the same time tried to provide real value with each tier.

This is the matrix we came up with!

I have a secret tip for those who are absolutely broke, yet really want to play as soon as possible: We are sending out keys to websites such as F2P, OnRPG, MMOHuts, and NewRPG today, and they will start giving them away very soon. (I don’t know the exact dates of the giveaways.) But of course, it would be much appreciated if you just bought the keys from us. :smile:

What’s next?
With a First Access key, you will be able to access the game throughout the entire First Access phase, which will span several months and multiple test runs. Next stop is Early Access, some time in 2019. The day we stop resetting the game world will be the day of the official, full release. That’s still far away, though, and by joining now you can help us get there and have your feedback brought into the game along the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Twitch stream
I’ll be busy communicating with press and influencers for the next few hours, but I’ll try to be available here and on Discord. We are hoping to do a quick Q&A Twitch stream as well later, I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, check out the game so you have some questions ready for us.


Right now, the APEX Handbook is there for you. New tutorial videos will be going online throughout the next few hours on our YouTube channel!

Forum threads.
Please post your starting setups here and post about bugs and ideas here.

And most importantly

> > > > GET A KEY < < < < <

> > > > > PLAY THE GAME < < < < <

We sincerely hope you enjoy your time with Prosperous Universe First Access. Happy trading!


It’s been brought to our attention that the support tier matrix can only be seen after registering an account. Since this is a public post, I’ll leave a screenshot here as a temporary hotfix for the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: The matrix is now publicly visible here.