Some love for Corporations - Corporate Warehouse

Hey everyone,

Wanted to send this in as an entry for devlog 300 but had no time this week.

Corporate Warehouse - Corporate Project - 5 Level - can be build once per Planet
Each level adds 100 m³/t

The corporate warehouse is an inventory that is shared among every corporation member. Like a pantry in a village. Corporation Members can deposit and withdraw material.

The goal of the warehouse is to make cooperation between members easier.

Construction cost: Not to cheap but also not to expensive.


This sounds like a great perk for corporations, however as described it is susceptible to COLIQ abuse. So it may need to be restricted to PRO/Basic players, at which point it’s not really much more convenient than the LM.

Alternatively, there could be some kind of rule like: A company (not a player account, but their company) has to be 30 days old before it can use the corporate warehouse. This may be adequate to prevent any abuse from free accounts.

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This would be so useful for my corp, currently I hire a warehouse just to separate out corp goods from the stuff for my production lines.

This could be a part of a larger feature as well:

Corp HQ levels
Similar to company HQ levels. Each level of Corp HQ adds an additional “Office Permit” - you build a corp office and add warehouses to a corp office. Limited number of planets based on corp hq.
Corp office provides a 5% single industry bonus with weekly upkeep (HQ is 10% to all, more levels gives a bigger bonus with unused offices just like company HQs)

Level 0 corp HQ (not built anywhere) provides 3 corp office permits.

Other corp office building ideas (in addition to the shared warehouse):

  • corp housing: shared housing (allows some workers to be housed using this building instead of company - added to, pulled from, and redistributed as part of POPI)

This would be a great way to do it. In our corp we have a person designated as a living corp warehouse on each planet. It’s kind of a pain on RL timing, because they always need to be there to tender out supplies to every single person that needs them.

Yeah we do the same thing kinda but I can’t be awake all the time. Tho we only store consumables, it would be very useful.