Corporate Market

Hi everyone,

You may remember my post about Some love for Corporations - Corporate Warehouse

If the warehouse seems to powerful to you, you might like the idea of a Corporate Market.

The Corporate Market is very similar to a Local Market with the single difference that it can only be accessed by corporation members.

As only corporation members can access the market, posting ads would cost no fees.

As with any new project (infrastructure, planetary or corporation) it would require some form of upkeep to be functional.
Think OFF, SUN, POW, …

As for construction cost, structural it has the same requirements as a LM, but in addition also could need components like: BMF, SP, LOG (or LD, SA and SAL) which would make this project gated behind technicians.

If and when we get an overhaul of the corporation system, which maybe allows us to set relations or form conglomerates, the corporation operating the market, could maybe set access levels to partner corporations or such.

The Corporate Market, has no build limit.

Let me know what you think.


Same as I said about Warehouses, I want this.

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You’d need 1 per planet, so could get expensive especially as only 1 corp is contributing. Currently LMs have no upkeep, so I’m not sure about a Corp LM having some. Could get messy.

Each corp builds their own, and needs to keep it operational if they want to use this powerful tool.

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While I generally like the addition of more construction and upkeep options, this proposal doesn’t seem like it would be worth it in economic terms. You have to build a whole building and pay upkeep, and the result is something basically identical to the LM but with a restricted player base and no fees?

Also, instead of looking at the Local Market on each planet, players would have to check each time whether there was a Corporate Market as well, and look at that. I bet some ads would get missed from one or the other on occasion.

Given that players have also asked for a way to target LM trades to a single other player, I think a better solution would be to add a “Who can see this advert?” option to the LM, so that when posting an advert there you can choose a visibility of “Everyone”, or “My corporation”, or “A specific player…” Then anyone from your corp who looks on the LM will see the trades that you’ve put there for corp members, while they’re not visible to anyone else.

The different visibility options could show as different colours in the adverts, to make them more prominent. So an advert that’s targeted just at you has green text. Adverts from your corp have yellow text, and regular “everyone” adverts have normal text. That way you can still easily spot the ads that may be more relevant to you when browsing.

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Adding to this, we have filters now for ad types (buy, sell, ship) so it’s not a stretch to add a filter for the “corporation” checkbox if such a thing were to exist.

a filter in the LM orders would do the trick, but I think the idea of a corp market place is interesting.

why not split it in 2 ideas:

  • a corp filter for standard LM
  • a corp CX (possibly) at Corp HQ?

both allowing to manage a list of friends / other corps / conglomarate to use them under some conditions (fee fixed and collected by the owner?)

it would also allow player CX in some way.

There is one minor problem: Many players are out of their corps to be in Government or planet HQ corps, so may not have access…

that’s why we need to be able to add other corp/friends. or governor taxes need to be remade.

I think they said they planned to make it so you could stay in corp as a governor so it won’t be an issue in the future