Shipping containers

Shipping containers

Just an idea to overcome the problem with people wanting multiple-item shipping contracts.

Shipping containers would be an inventory that would look like a commodity.

They could be manufactured from Steel in a welding plant in maybe 3 different sizes (in terms of cargo tonnage) but when made, would act like a mobile inventory.

You could drag between the shipping container and your inventory to load/unload the container.

The container could then be put up for a shipping contract, as a commodity in the same way as any other shipping contract.

Hopefully, as this uses existing programming elements, it shouldn’t be too costly for the Devs to implement.

Also, it would be kind of fun as it’s a bit like the real world!

Just a thought.


I used to play a game called “Space Bucks” where you had different sized ships with different cargo hold configurations, etc. You also had a set of factions (Alien races) and each faction had a specific supply and a specific demand. The containers were also of different types: solids, liquids, gases, livestock, etc.

So, the whole shipping container concept has an abundance of possibilities that truly need to be explored and discussed further.

SO this is actually something I just asked about in the Discord.
I too would like this feature, below is something like what I would envisage!
It isn’t just useful for selling groups of items together (a ship upgrade kit for example) but also would help organise an inventory.

Side note: this is also something that Eve Online has.

it could look like:

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I had been thinking this would be a great addition to the game and am seeing I’m not the only one!

Being able to set a shipping ad for a container and then fill the container with whatever would be really helpful and could make posting ads much simpler.

It would also be immensely helpful when sending a ship to restock multiple planets to be able to divide stuff out easily and see what goes where. Even better if the containers can be named or labeled.

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Dear lord yes. Please make this a thing.

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Don’t make them a MAT, though :confused:

Should be a simple UI feature.