Scrubbing Starter Planets

I’m pretty sure people have created accounts and started on one of the three exchange planets, then over a few weeks lost touch or just straight up quit the game. Now they are all full and new players are left scrambling for planets which have worse resources and necessitate flights to the exchanges for either basic necessities or something they will be missing in their production. This usually costs around 1000 cis and 12-16 hours each way, as well as immediately forcing new players to confront the concept of flight. Overall, it makes a game with a steep learning curve almost impossible to break into and handicaps new players who are already months behind.

I was lucky enough to snag one of the last Katoa spots so this isn’t just some bitching post. Would it be possible for the devs to scrub the 1200 plots on the three starter planets and just refund the bases of people who haven’t logged in recently? (I don’t know what a good metric is for the timetable, maybe 30 days, maybe 60, but a happy medium exists.) This would open the massive advantages of having the exchange a few clicks away to brand new players.

If this is already done then just ignore me.

On August 23rd a free to play expansion was released.

Inactive companies will be deleted. The deadline for the deletion depends on the age of the account and company and will be announced at least 7 days before the deletion. Logging into APEX will cancel the scheduled deletion.

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