Release Notes - Free To Play

:fire::fire:The Free To Play update will go live on Friday, August 23rd:fire::fire:

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

With the Free To Play release, we open the game to a wider audience. Everyone will be able to create an account and play the game. We keep the existing support tiers, and paying players (e.g. players with a PRO licence) will have full access to the game. Players with a TRIAL licence won’t have access to certain features of the game (like foreign exchanges, creating corporations, …) and will not receive a company rating higher than unrated.

New features

  • Inactive companies will be deleted. The deadline for the deletion depends on the age of the account and company and will be announced at least 7 days before the deletion. Logging into APEX will cancel the scheduled deletion.
  • Commodity exchange brokers will only accept orders if they are within a price band that is based on the 3-day-average price. Unrated players will have to stick to a narrow price band while rated players can use a broader price band. The accepted price band is displayed when placing a CX order.
  • All communication channels are now protected against spamming and repeated offenders will be temporarily banned.
  • Players can add other players to a private ignore list.
  • Own messages can be deleted if not older than a couple of minutes. They will disappear for everybody in the chat.


  • Market makers’ buy offers for BBH and BDE have been adjusted. BBH is being bought @ 750 and BDE @ 850.
  • The amount of standing orders for a commodity or foreign exchange broker is limited to 5 per player.
  • Starting a flight now requires a confirmation step to reduce the amount of accidentally started flights.
  • Updated lots of material descriptions (thanks to @Esabab for the texts)


  • Aborting a flight during take-off will now correctly stop the flight in the orbit of the origin planet.
  • Out-of-sync local market ads and contracts are automatically synced.