SCRNS list scrolling

It so happened that I have long been forced to use only laptop with a wide screen without using a desktop monitor, which severely limits the number of panels on one screen. And active gameplay makes to create already 32 windows which are actively used.

The problem is that part of the list becomes unavailable and some windows are physically impossible to open. Button FULL helps, but not very funny every time you switch modes and full screen adds only + - 5 windows.

I am sure the problem is not popular with other players but it would be great to be able to scroll through the list to get to all the windows.


I don’t have anything constructive to say here, so I’ll just leave this here:

I manage my entire empire from this one screen. Everything I need is either embedded, or one click away. Perhaps it gives you some ideas on how to reduce your screen count.

Thanks for the example. Yes, in a normal situation one screen is enough but I have to keep track of many products and communicate so your number of panels is still not enough for me. My windows have from 5 to 18 panels (warehouse panels I’m especially proud of).

Although seeing more of other people’s windows would be interesting.

16 planets, over 200 unique items. It’s certainly possible :slight_smile: Like I said everything is one click away. INV provides me access to every single warehouse instead of having each and every one take up screen space.

The main goal here is to have global chat, my fleet of ships, my inventories, my orders on the CX anc contracts and FX orders, along with BS which allows me access to any base (like their production window or experts) with one click.

90% of the day-to-day items you need to do are accessible form these pages without opening any new buffers. And it scales up very readily for additional bases you build, I have 13 and each additional base doesn’t take up that much more space.

But yeah like I said originally I don’t have anything constructive to add. You’re 100% right about the list not being scrollable being an issue. I’m just trying to be constructive on providing a solution now, today, without waiting for the devs to take action.

And heres me playing on mobile.

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