Release Notes - Prestige

Release: Prestige

Release date

The APEX update will be released on December 6th, 2022

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

Faction Contracts

Faction contracts are the newest addition to the contract system. Your faction will send you three contract offers to choose from every now and then. Contracts will be randomized and range from simple shipping contracts up to contracts where your faction rewards you for becoming governor of a planet. If you don’t like the contract offers you get, you can decline them and wait for ones that suit you better.

The different contract types do not drop at the same rate, there are common, uncommon and rare ones. The rarer the higher the reward. Faction contracts have three reward types: currency, materials and faction reputation. The faction reputation will influence the currency and material rewards and may become a part in future systems.

Faction contracts can be accepted independent of license status, so they will open up a new way of earning money during the early game.

Commodity Exchange Broker Tick Sizes


Prices entered when creating orders on commodity exchanges are now converted into an “effective price” that is shown right below the price you put in. The effective price is the one that will actually be posted with the order and is always rounded o 3 significant figures. This means for prices above 10 the minimum increment is 0.1, for prices above 100 the minimum increment is 1, and so on.


  • Added a tool to our support belt that allows us to rename companies and change their code. This is especially relevant for supporters that want to change their company code to a two or one letter code without doing a COLIQ.
  • Added a bunch of new tutorial videos to the transmissions command TRA. Shoutout to @SeaPear for creating them, we love them! Thanks!
  • Increased the amount of time a company of a BASIC licensee can stay inactive until automatic deletion to 120 days.
  • Added a “delete fulfilled” button to the LMOS command.
  • Added a “low on consumables” notification that will be sent after consumption if the remaining stock of an item will run out within the next 3 consumptions.
  • Added the cargo volume and weight capacities to the FLT command.
  • Added a new state to the FTL fuel tank display: It will have a red border in case a ship does not have an FTL reactor.
  • Production orders in PROD are now sorted by remaining time.
  • Filters in LM will now stick to the top when scrolling, so you don’t have to scroll back up.
  • Added tooltips to command buttons in the left sidebar to reduce new-player confusion.
  • Changed order of weight and volume displays to always be weight / volume.
  • Renamed “close” button on contract offers to “accept” to reduce confusion.
  • List of buildings BBL is now sorted by name of building and also by condition


  • Reworked the manufacturer profession to make it less confusing to start with and give it more of its own identity. Instead of starting with an incinerator and a collector, the default path is now setting up 2 BMPs and buying any required input materials for your recipes. Starting materials were adjusted accordingly to limestone and silicon ore for the first MCG production runs. Due to the focus on early transport and investment, the starting capital was also increased.
  • Silicon (SI) was super cheap since it was almost exclusively produced (way too efficiently) as a byproduct and not from actual Silicon Ore (SIO). Shoutout to @DulcetTone and @Ficks_Dinkum for bringing this up.
    • ZR and BE recipes in AML now have SIO as a byproduct instead of SI.
    • Increased SIO in GL recipes from 1 to 2, since there will now be more SIO circulating. Recipe duration got reduced slightly.
    • Added NA to all GL recipes to make NA more useful (also it’s actually involved in this process in the real world).
    • Added new GL recipe involving FLX with slightly increased output to make FLX more useful.
    • Added new SI recipes in SME using C, O and (optionally) FLX.


  • We fixed the bug where one couldn’t start a STL flight after a aborted FTL jump in some cases. This should work all the time now.
  • Fixed a bug where the payment for a shipping contract created through a contract draft would be booked as material sale instead of transport revenue
  • Fixed a bug where two notifications of the same production line wouldn’t stack properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the developed area of a base was wrongly displayed as 25 in some cases

My lobbing was a success!



Nice. Though I note that in the screenshot, the entered price is 166.20, the rounded price correctly shows as 166.00, but then the “Volume”, directly below that, shows 1662.00 - presumably it should be 1660.00?

Also, “Volume” isn’t the most intuitive name for that field. If you’re in there making changes, I suggest “Total” instead.

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Volumes in the markets are now represented by the number of dollars that have changed hands, rather than the quantity of units. The industry term for this is “base, quote”.

Base = 10 RAT was traded
Quote = $1600 was traded

A while back volume was changed to represent the quote, showing us how much $$$ is traded in a candle. I personally don’t like this change. However, the current CXPO screen is consistent with how volume is used everywhere else currently. I also agree with you, total would make more sense.


Yes. Already fixed for release. :slight_smile:

Question for the experts (dont have Fio on my phone).

If glass needs NA that means a Chemical plant ( Bfab and Truss) is needed. Without glass no LTA and no HB3 is possible.

Is it possible to have HAL and Helium without LTA ?

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This is a good catch. The problem actually isn’t with HB3.

As far as I can find, there is no starter planet that has any deposit of HAL.

It must exist on a starter planet because without it, we will be unable to produce any LTA, and thus settle any new planets if\when the universe is ever reset.

Easy solution though. Add a very small HAL deposit to one of the starter worlds. Suggest adding a non-economic quantity that’s enough to kickstart the economy.

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Incidentally, Promitor has that small deposit of HAL.

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Wait what.

Why didn’t it come up on the search then…

That’s quite strange. Ok! I stand corrected.

Likely the minimum extraction rate was set to above +18% which would exclude Promitor.

You also only need one savvy player to use their CMK to start on a T1.5 world and HAL can flow :man_shrugging:

Ah yes. The core module…

But as I see there is some HAL available (this universe).

But in general it will make HAL even more important.

Lets see how it plays out.

Will the BOS recipe stay the same? It was neat that you could use the AL and SI from BE to produce BOS on the same base without importing AL and SI.

Yes, at least for now.

@Counterpoint @molp

With this change of SI production, can you maybe add some more SI recipes?
A Quick look at wikipedia (jay) shows that SI can also be made from SIO + C

It also mentiones use of NA.

Please give us an additional recipe besides SIO + AL.
Thank you

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Additionally, do you think we could have the exact recipe changes? Are they finalized yet? So that we can start planning & adjusting. Thanks!

Good call! Will add another option using C / O (and optionally FLX) to the update. :slight_smile:

Most of it should be in the notes already. I can screenshot the exact runtimes when everything’s deployed on staging.


I tried an exploration faction contract on the test server and it worked as expected. Having finished the contract, I got a reward of water and 2 faction reputation points. I guess it doesn’t matter because you can’t do anything with the faction reputation points, but I was trying to find on what screen it displays the faction point total. I thought the faction info page would be where it would be (e.g. FA CI) especially as there is a link to the faction in the contract page but I don’t see it there.

Just a UX improvement suggestion.

The faction reputation is being shown in the CO command.

That’s right, at the moment there is nothing you could actively use them for, but they do impact the amount and height of future faction contract rewards.

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Changed AML recipes: