Release Notes - Liquidity


Release date

The LIQUIDITY release will be released on July 26th, 2023

General Notes

The Liquidity release will introduce new loan templates for private contracts, an updated company rating system and leaderboards!

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features



Under the new LEAD command, you will find a variety of leaderboards. Finally you can track your progress and compare it to other players!

APEX Representation Center


One of the new leaderboards refers to the APEX Representation Center, which is a new “show-off” feature accessible via the ARC command. Invest currency to upgrade your ARC and compare your status across the whole universe!

Loan contract templates

New custom contract templates in CONTD allow you to create loan contracts.


There are three new loan contract templates to choose from:

  • stable loan: A loan contract with a stable repayment amount and decreasing interest.
  • annuity loan: A loan contract with fixed installments.
  • interest loan: A loan contract where the installments are only made up of interest. Full repayment occurs with the last installment.

Improved company rating

Each company now has only one rating instead of three. The new single rating is based on how much “contract value” players actually fulfill of the contracts they close. This means the rating takes into account the monetary value at stake. For example a 10,000 NCC loan will actually impact the rating much more than buying a handful of rations for 500 NCC.


  • Recent contract partners are now shown as suggested recipients of contract drafts in CONTD.
  • Relevant locations from active contracts (e.g. pick-up or delivery) are now auto-suggested as destinations in ship flight controls (SFC).
  • The destination selection in SFC now shows suggestions when the input field is focused, without having to type any characters.
  • When planning a route in SFC you will now see a percentage of how much fuel will be used.
  • The Building Repair Assistant (BRA) now optionally takes a base address as a parameter and will then open with that base pre-selected in the drop-down.
  • BRA is now available as a context command in BS and BBL of each base (with the respective base address as a parameter).
  • FIN now uses endless scrolling and can display more than 100 bookings.
  • When trying to fulfill a condition on a contract where termination was requested by one of the parties, the game will now display a warning and require a confirmation.
  • New players (in their first week of playing) will now be warned about investing commodities into population infrastructure projects.
  • Increased CX order size limit.


This time we’re focusing on making some (right now) niche approaches and recipes more viable:

  • Made hybrid habs more area-efficient:
    • HBB: 15 → 14 area
    • HBC: 20 → 17 area
    • HBM: 22 → 20 area
    • HBL: 25 → 22 area
  • Made PP2 B-fab recipes more viable alternatives:
    • BDE: input 75 PG → 60 PG
    • BSE: duration 0.25 days → 0.22 days
  • Made INS/HSE recipes more efficient to not disincentivize settling on extreme climate planets quite as much:
    • INS: output 20 → 24
    • HSE: duration 0.65 days → 0.4 days
  • Made Orchard recipe variants using SOI more efficient:
    • PIB: output 10 → 12 (duration 0.65 days → 0.7 days)
    • HOP: output 15 → 18
    • GRA: output 5 → 6

Changes to ship parts:

  • Increased max. g factor provided by high-g seats
  • Reduced fuel usage of advanced and hyperthrust STL engine
  • Increased thrust of hyperthrust STL engine
  • Increased charge speed of high- and hyper-power FTL reactors
  • Increased effectiveness of heat and whipple shields
  • Ship repairs now use 25% fewer hull plates and shields, but also require SSC


  • Increased HQ production bonus


  • Fixed BRA sometimes not being able to grab the correct building data. It should now consistently work for all bases.
  • Fixed command search not working for words at the beginning of a command description.
  • Fixed “insufficient storage space” error message not showing when trying to delete a CX order.
  • Fixed faction contracts sometimes requiring the provisioning of 0 units of a commodity.
  • Implemented snapshotting for several additional actors to improve performance and loading times.

I applaud the decision to revamp company ratings as the Stability rating does not provide any useful info.

I would argue that the Activity rating is important as there is currently no other way to determine when or if someone is playing besides the online/offline notation. (adding a “days since last online” notation would be good).

More importantly though, I’m not sure the “contract value” approach is a good way to improve the Reliablity rating. To me, a player is reliable whether he delivers twenty 1 DW contract or twenty 1000 EDC contracts. I can also see people gaming this method by trading a few huge contracts back and forth with a partner to “repair” a bad rating. I think a better rating system would be one that makes it harder to achieve and maintain an “A” rating. As it is, an “A” is too easy to get and only tells me that someone “might” be reliable. Ratings should start at “C” and quickly move to “D” or “B” but be harder to get to (and stay at) “E” or “A”. This would make the rating a much more valuable piece of information to me:

A = very reliable
B = fairly reliable
C = indeterminate or no reliability history
D = fairly unreliable
E = very unreliable


Regarding the ratings changes…

I am largely going to echo what Ogrebeef already said, but I want to amplify that having different ratings categories allows different things to be checked depending on the type of deal being discussed.

If I am looking for a short term “emergency” type deal — Activity is really important. For a million credit loan, stability might be important (although I don’t think many of us trust that rating formula). For shipping, we want Reliability.

Smooshing those together into a single rating will make it harder to read out what we are looking for. And biasing it towards bigger deals….that’s just wrong. An A class company treats every contract the same, they don’t discriminate based on deal size.

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I can tell you with confidence that it doesn’t say anything about a company’s ability to pay back a million credits.

I didn’t read their plans as “smooshing ratings together”, but rather as removing Activity and Stability entirely and focusing completely on Reliability instead.

If I understood it wrongly: yes, please don’t smoosh :slight_smile:

“rating farming” is possible.

Where two players trade a bunch of money back and forth to artificially pump their numbers up. Perhaps add a time delay (1 day, 3 day, 7 day, idk) for where consecutive contracts from two players can raise someone’s rating.

Also; changes to the area requirements for those buildings… oh my. My bases. All of them. Will need to be re-balanced. This is going to be fun :upside_down_face:

As mentioned on the devlog, we’ll not consider an unlimited amount of contracts with the same partner, but ensure there’s a healthy mix. This is already the case for the current ratings by the way.

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Well you don’t have to rejig the bases, you could just keep the spare area and turn it into a park or something… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Overall the changes and new feature look solid!

Changing the area for Hybrid-Habs will cause quite a few min/maxers to rebuild bases which means more liquidity on the market.

Changing the BDE on PP2s to 60 PG is an underrated change by a majority of the community. While still more expensive than PE, its cost drops substantially making production viable around Antares.

I’m not a fan of orchards (ORCs) as they are already too productive. It only takes a handful of ORCs to saturate a market and a large number of fermenters to handle the produce. Increasing the productivity of ORCs just means even fewer would be necessary to saturate a market. Perhaps the balance change could happen to ORC fermenter recipes instead?

Okay, sorry, I’m going to say it. I’m going to say the same thing I always say…

The way to solve the issue of ORCs being “too productive” isn’t to nerf their productivity, it’s to increase demand for their high-end products.

The ORC changes are actually intended to increase the demand for SOI, by improving the relative yield of those recipes over the ‘basic’ recipes. They actually make the ORC more productive.

If you want to stop ORC being overhorsed, add an ORC-CAF recipe!

It only takes a couple of HYF to saturate FP to make COF.

I don’t think ORC’s are overpowered relative to FER.

I would lean more on the side of increasing consumption slightly.

My problem with ORC (and I currently have 2 of them) is, that they eat a lot of space. You have to give up so much of opportunities just for having an ORC. I am sure some more advanced players did the math: ORC output is less profitable as alternatives would be.

Hey any chance we can get the order size limit lifted for the normal markets for this release as well? We got the fx markets which I fully take advantage of:

It’s particular egregious in markets like PE where 100,000 units really isn’t that much. Having higher limits would make life easier.

And it’s right in line with the theme of liquidity.


SSC? Cool, need to up my production capacity then lol :smiley:

I’m hyped for the production bonus boost. This could be very significant if it is indeed double.

Indeed, twice the faction bonus (adjusted with unused permits) is going to cause some issues with my production lines. However, the increase is most welcome!

We’ll release the liquidity update in ~25 minutes. Expect a longer than usual down time. We’ll keep you posted once APEX is available again.

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Hi, I couldn’t see anything on CX’s Local markets being shipping only. Is there any specific reason for that? I wouldn’t have built my base so far out if this was one of the changes :frowning:

Because there is no point for the other items? You would just trade it on the open market on the cx itself, rather than posting advertisements.

p.s you can bypass this with CONTD if you are specifically targeting material exchange with another person.

Okay, servers are up an running again. If we don’t have to, we won’t touch them until the weekend is over :wink:

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