PRUNplanner - Empire & Base Planning Tool

Hej, someone approached me saying that he doesn’t use Discord and so didn’t get the info that there is a new tool available for Prosperous Universe, so happy to post in the Forum as well.

Let me introduce PRUNplanner, an empire and base planning tool I created that was built with PRUNner in mind, but by now has many additional features - and works in any modern browser:

The tool consists of three main components that allow you to plan and manage your Prosperous Universe Empire:

Base Plans

Base Plans are the backbone of what you do in PRUNplanner. They consist of all buildings, productions and bonuses of a base you can put down in Prosperous Universe. You can create new Base Plans by searching for the planet you would like to create a base for. Also, a Base Plan should be assigned a CX Exchange preference, as well as be assigned to an Empire. Please note, each Base Plan can be assigned to multiple empires and therefore reused.


An Empire as a collection of Base Plans (e.g. all the bases you currently have settled in Prosperous Universe, or that you would like to settle, all interconnected together). Each empire is like a container that consists of multiple plans. Additionally, a single CX Exchange preference can be assigned to each Empire.

CX Settings

The CX Settings allow you to define market preferences for the pricing of materials. Each CX Exchange can be used in multiple Empires. However, each Empire can only have a single CX Exchange preference assigned to it. This ensures that prices are properly calculated for individual plans that are part of the Empire.

I’m very happy to give something back to the PrUn Community. In case of any feedback or feature requests, please just ping me here or on Discord. Happy Wednesday!

By the way, the next release will add the ability to clone existing plans, shows profit measures on empires and allows to create a link that can be shared with other users to see your plan. Hope this helps with corporation planning and Newcomers, who could receive hints from the more experienced players! :slight_smile:


P.S. Of course, this tool is free to use and registrations are open: PRUNplanner


Thanks for sharing this useful tool with us @SFScorpio :smiley:

Pleasure, really happy to give something back to the community.

By the way, Release 0.3 is now available. Including one of the most requested features: Share plans with others :slight_smile:

Small test with a base on Vallis shared for others

ALO is not in the list of the FIO search materials

Oh wow, thanks! Noted it as a bug and will be fixed with the next update.


Also, Version 0.3.1 was released yesterday with the following changes:

Version 0.3.1 is a minor release mostly including bugfixes, small enhancements and a lot of invisible backend work. As always: please remove your cache either in the browser or in your profile by deleting all storage elements.

  • Backend: There is a new tech stack in place that is handling background tasks. This is related mainly to updates on planet and storage data from FIO and will help stabilize the connection to it. This was long overdue and is hopefully the groundwork to enhance planet search down the road.
  • Construction & Supply Cart: The previously unified “Shopping Cart” in plans was split into a Construction and Supply Cart. Construction Carts allow to input inventory and calculate needed parts while the supply cart only shows what input is required for your workforce or production. If your plan is part of an empire with FIO your stock will be shown as well.
  • Visitation Frequency: The baseplanner now contains a button to see your storage and shipping frequency for imports and exports. Import Frequency is a measure of how frequently a ship of a particular size needs to visit the planet in order to transport produced materials (exports) off the planet. Supply Frequency is a measure of how frequently a ship of a particular size needs to visit the planet in order to transport consumed materials (imports) onto the planet. Both are determined by the number of days between each visit.
  • Sharing: Adding two small features to Version 0.3 sharing - registered users are now able to clone a plan that was shared with them, if they are logged in. To create or remove a share link, you don’t need to go to the Management View anymore, but can do this directly from the plan itself. A new button was added on the top right of the page.
  • Various small enhancements were made: Buildings in the base planner now show ticker as well as their full name to help new players. The repair view now contains buttons to add or remove all buildings of a planet for repairs or destruction. You can now filter for materials in your Burn View. All materials from Planet Search are now sortable, the selected materials from your FIO search are highlighted.
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How come that all community tools have questionable IAM?
Just created an account and on registration my bitwarden did no detect a registration. I don’t know the passwords that are autogenerated and I can’t even reset my account’s password.

I would very much appreciate if you’d just adhere to the OpenID Connect standard and also offer recovery methods for accounts.

Can’t talk about bitwarden, 1Password/Lastpass worked fine.

You can contact me via Discord to have the password either reset or your account deleted. Or just ingame. :+1:

There is currently no reset option as I’m hesitant to have people provide an email as I don’t find it necessary atm.

i contacted you ingame.

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New bug: the supply cart ignores recipes containing worker consumables (such as safety uniforms, which use OVE), please make exceptions for these kinds of recipes @SFScorpio
Link to base plan (yes I know it’s on circe and not circa but I duplicated the same base over again to see which professions were profitable, a QoL update would be if the heading (planet) could be edited on the fly
also FIO in this instance is not enabled

Thank you, think we got this also since yesterday as a bug (same for COF production and it’s DW need):

Will check it out why it’s not properly counted as a production input! Already have a idea :slight_smile: Will be fixed with the next release somewhen end of August (vacation times, don’t wanna f** something up while it’s so stable right now)


Because they’re mostly made by small teams (usually just a single person) so people just don’t have the resources or motivation to ensure that they work with password management tools or meet standards.

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This should be fixed, could you have a look? Just deployed some changes incl. this + things from Liquidity release.

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PRUNplanner was updated just now to Version 0.4.


This version brings a couple of new features and continues under-the-hood improvements:

  • Base Compare allows you to compare plans in all major areas. This includes the planet itself, infrastructure, workforce, building, recipe and Material I/O.
  • Based on data prmv is collecting since last year Market Exploration shows how material prices, supply / demand and traded volume is developing.
  • The HQ Upgrade Cost Calculator helps with future HQ upgrades up until level 36. Besides cost it shows you locations where required materials are stored.
  • Cost Of Goods Manufactured (COGM) is now more powerful with the ability to add prices directly to your CX settings for even better calculation.
  • Plans got some nice additions: Popup information how long it will take to reach expert levels, FIO storage data is now selectable on the supply cart, the shopping cart no longer wrongly calculates cost if you have more material in storage than what is needed.
  • All background operations related to FIO storage data were reworked. Besides planetary storages PRUNplanner now also includes warehouses and ships.
  • Some more bugfixes and small features: Preventing Server-Side Request Forgery, price and total cost information in supply carts, the repair view no longer doubles the building count, Material I/O shows the planets name if available. The backend API is running more stable now and got additional ways to validate FIO data.

Market Exploration, based on data @PMRV is collecting.

Compare Base Plans:

Manage your Cost Of Goods Manufactured and CX settings in one place:


Not PRUNplanner itself, but closely related: As I make heavy use of FIO for PrUn data I created a small Python package that wraps FIO endpoints.

I need to wait to completely switch PRUNplanner because of the pydantic v2 release, but hope it already helps others who do some stuff with FIO and Python.

FIO API wrapper with pydantic data validation and easy-to-use querying. fio_wrapper implements the most used endpoints of Prosperous Universes community game data API.

I am thrilled to present Version 0.5, a substantial release packed with an array of new features and enhancements to elevate your experience.

  • Market Exploration: The Market Exploration feature now leverages data directly collected by PRUNplanner from FIO on a regular basis. This update not only eliminates a dependency but also ensures greater flexibility for future enhancements.

  • FIO Imports (Experimental): Introducing the experimental FIO Imports feature! Seamlessly import your bases and their recipes directly from FIO to PRUNplanner. Explore the convenience of bridging these platforms for a more streamlined planning process.

  • Persistent User Preferences: Your preferences matter! I’m excited to announce that user preferences, such as Burn days and base carts, will now persist across your sessions. These settings are securely stored in the backend, offering a personalized and consistent user experience.

  • Bugfixes and Improvements: Addressed missing AMM in Planet Search. Improved error messages for better clarity. Enhanced FIO timeouts for smoother interactions. Resolved cases where planetary CX preferences were not properly utilized. FIO Storage data now functions seamlessly for warehouses without fees.

  • Additional Features: Supply cart now includes Weight and Volume information for a more comprehensive overview. Stay up-to-date with the latest HQ Levels.

  • Enable Diagnostics: PRUNplanner is designed without the use of tracking or external scripts. You can contribute to the early detection of bugs and issues by enabling Diagnostics in your Profile. Participation is entirely optional, but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Explore the new features, share your feedback, and look forward to more exciting developments in the future. Thank you for being part of the PRUNplanner community!


And we’re back alread with release 0.5.2 :

  • Frontend: has undergone significant improvements, including a new UI library and fixes for alignment and element issues.
  • Users can now optionally set their email during registration or in their profile for password recovery.
  • CX Materials are displayed alphabetically, and HQ Level 39 has been added.
  • Background processes have been tweaked for enhanced speed and reliability. The next release will prioritize backend improvements.

Version 0.6 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of PRUNplanner version 0.6, packed with new features, bug fixes, and a comprehensive backend overhaul. This update lays the foundation for future extensions, ensuring a more robust and efficient planning tool. Let’s delve into the key changes introduced in version 0.6:

Backend Overhaul and Performance Boosts:

  • Reworked core functionalities of the backend for increased performance and extendability.
  • Eliminated a limiting dependency and revamped the separation of database schemas and data models.
  • Enhanced background task handling, enabling automatic fetching of FIO storage data even without user login.

Email Enhancements:

  • Verification and password reset emails now include your username.

Empire Settings and Backend Optimization:

  • Fixed a bug preventing changes to empire settings (faction and permits) from being correctly applied to plans.
  • Reduced the number of backend calls required for fetching data in the Empire View.

Plans Management Improvements:

  • Plans shopping cart now indicates if manually set building numbers differ from the plan, aiding in tracking staged builds.
  • HQ Upgrade tool now supports manual overrides of storage data, added HQ Level 40, and fixed a title typo.

User Interface and Experience:

  • Extended FAQs in the Help View to address common user queries.
  • Material I/O materials in each plan now display CXM information on hover.
  • Reverted recipe selection on plans to on-click instead of on-hover for improved usability.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed tooltips for Surface, Temperature, Gravity, and Pressure in the Planet Search.
  • Enabled sorting by the maximum distance to a system in the Planet Search.
  • Updated email is now allowed without FIO credentials.
  • FIO Base Import Tool now handles cases where Site and Production data does not match.
  • Infertile planets now correctly calculate fertility efficiency as 0%.

Calling for Collaborators: We invite collaborators to contribute to the development of PRUNplanner, especially on the frontend. The frontend is built with Vue3 and utilizes Typescript. Your expertise and contributions can help enhance the user interface and overall user experience. Join us in shaping the future of PRUNplanner! Feel free to get involved in the development process.

PRUNplanner release 0.6.1 was deployed, fixing 2 issues:

  • Resolved an issue on Planet Search where Materials were not loaded with all the necessary properties.
  • Addressed a bug in recipe selection within plans, where the dropdown failed to appear if a recipe was deleted and later re-added.

If you are affected by the bug on Planet Search please head to your profile and delete your stored Materials data once: PRUNplanner

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 10.18.38

Release 0.7 is live:

Project Planning Functionality

  • Now you can use FIO groups in conjunction with PRUNplanner empires for managing plans involving multiple players. Explore dedicated Material I/O, set up material routes, and search across your group.
  • We’re looking forward to your feedback on this new project planning feature. Please get in touch on Discord!

Habitation Building Optimization

  • The planning module now includes an option to optimize habitation buildings. Request the PRUNplanner backend to find the best set of buildings based on workforce needs. Choose between minimizing area usage or construction cost using linear optimization.

Backend Automations Upgrade

  • Many backend automations in PRUNplanner have been reworked for faster refresh rates and more accurate data. This was necessary to support the new project planning features.

Minor Tweaks

  • Planet Search performance was greatly improved.
  • Plans now retain your selection about whether the CM should be included in ROI calculations.
  • HQ Level 41 has been added.
  • You can now set the recipe counter to 0 in plans for more flexibility.
  • HE3 is now available in Planet Search.