Proxion Governorship Update Thread - Curtis Style

Hello everyone! I’ve been doing status updates in Proxion’s chat for a bit now, figured I might as well move it to a forum thread.

We finished the LM last Saturday, as I’m sure you’re aware, which is only 2 weeks and 1 day from when I was elected as governor of Proxion, and was the third LM in the game!

That leaves us in a good position at the moment, with LM in use, settlers and pioneers growing at a good rate, minimal taxes, and a bit of time before people can tech into the more advanced fabs needed for most POPI buildings or a COGC.

As a result, I’d like to take this time to examine the numbers surrounding taxation and LM contributions.

And apparently I haven’t posted on the forums enough to be able to add images, so I guess I’ll just post raw numbers:

Tax income: Time Dividend (CIS): Corp Size Income per allotment:
3/7/21 19:00 170 21 3570
3/14/21 19:00 250 22 5500
Proxion Investment (FIO): Purpose Item Amount Value (per item) Value (per ocassion)
LM BDE 8 2100 16800
LM TRU 10 500 5000
LM BTA 8 1600 12800
LM LBH 8 3000 24000
Proxion Investment (Others): Entity Purpose Item Amount Value (per item) Value (per ocassion)
Dover (MKM) LM BSE 12 1500 18000
Total Tax Income: 9070
Total Investment (FIO) 58600
Total Investment (Others) 18000

As you can see, FIO Corp contributed almost 6.5x what it took in in taxes (though admittedly there will be at least one more tax statement before the term ends).

Dover’s 12 BSE contribution was quite appreciated as well :slight_smile:.

FIO Corp is committed to investing in Proxion’s infrastructure, all while maintaining minimal taxes. We hope to use the economic engine of FIO for the benefit of all.

Thank you, and see you in the next update!


Great update @Curtis6566, and welcome to the forums! (And double congrats on the formatting).

I can tell you now, even on max taxes, you won’t be getting your investment back if you treat materials invested at market value. However, if you look at making deals for cost value products (which is easy when working in corp), only then may you actually see a way to balance the books.

I look forward to working together, for a better Proxion.

Hello all!
I apologize for missing last week’s update, I normally do these as-needed on Wednesday’s, but last Wed was a 13 hour workday for me, and the rest of the week was almost as busy.

But I’ve been able to find the time today, so here’s a status update:

For now not much is being worked on at the moment, but tax income is ramping up!

The payment on 3/21 was only 9.7k (still a significant jump from the previous). The 3/28 payment was 25.5k, and the 4/4 payment was 30.5k.

That represents people’s growing usage of the LM, though I will admit to suspecting that FIO is disproportionately represented in the taxes, as it makes dozens of LM ads a day.

Currently, I see 3 options for the tax money:

  1. A Warehouse so that people can rent units and store goods in when trading, which would make Proxion more attractive to traders, as well as generating income for governmental use.
  2. Earmarking the tax money for an eventual COGC, which even though that would be multiple months away, is still likely to deplete multiple months worth of taxes to fund. Being able to fund a larger part of the COGC makes it more likely we’ll get one sooner.
  3. Saving it for POPI, though with Health and Safety are still at 100%, the only buildings that would help are higher tech, and players are literally not producing the prefabs for the necessary buildings yet.
    a. Additionally, a caveat to that: initiatives for higher tier pop typically are best stacked on speicific worlds, as only a subset of players will actually use them. So even with government-funded POPI infrastructure, Proxion might not ever maintain as sizable a tech population as certain other worlds better positioned for higher-tech resource needs, that several multiplanetary entities would be more willing to invest in.

If you have ideas for alternatives, or opinions about these options, feel free to post them, as I’d like to hear them!

I’ll likely hold a survey of the ideas (and any other promising suggestions) next week.

Thanks, and have a good week!

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First, do you know roughly what percent of residents are on basic or paid accounts? (I know a lot of the louder members are, but given I’m not, it can’t be all of us.)

Next, is there any timeline for an ELP? (It’s needed for the electronics in the COGC, and requires R-fabs to make.) Relatedly, what program do we expect the COGC to run?

Last, we could subsize an expansion of production on something which is acting as a limiting factor for local development, but I don’t have any ideas on what that might be.

Hello sebsmith!

  1. No idea, I can incorporate that into the vote, though. If I had to take a ballpark guess, I’d say probably between 15-20, which is 1/4-1/3 of the population. This is based on my knowledge of the corps on Prox, who tend to be the main people with PRO.

  2. Currently there is no concrete timeframe on the ELP. FIOC is aiming to be among the first COGC-able corps, and we’re going to make our plan for the path to COGC this weekend, but COGC is going to be multiple months away. I’m unwilling to say more until I’ve been able to itemize the timeline, which I hopefully should have time to do this week.
    Additionally, qho gets the first COGCs is still being decided, but a commitment to using the tax money for the COGC by Proxion’s voterbase would ensure Prox gets it sooner than if they vote another priority.
    2.b. The program for the COGC would likely be left up to a vote, but most likely be for Agriculture, potentially with a splash of Eduction: Tech’s. Proxion is a world well suited to farming, but again this would likely by up to a vote.

  3. That indeed is an option, should people wish. I am open to suggesitons, as I have not seen an obvious blocker to resolve myself, aside from merely the general blocker of buildings gained from teching up. I had considered say proposing a WPL for PWO, but it’s looking like we already have an on-planet WPL from FIO which should soon have spare production available for purchase by residents, as well as another upcoming WPL from another individual on Prox, from what I hear. Both should be able to have plenty of PWO for sale, soon enough.
    Additionally, while I am not opposed to spending on short-term initiatives to resolve Proxion blockers, they do mean less taxes for later infrastructure, as well as such initiatives feeling a bit sketchy - how is who gets the investment determined? And should the building be considered property of Proxion, or merely a one-time subsidy given to spur production? etc…

Still, thank you very much for your insightful questions!

The quick calculation I did seems to indicate that a Warehouse would cost about 143,000. Depending on how much money out of the 60 something thousand payments you still have on had, it seems likely that we could afford that in two to four weeks even if nobody contributes. If people contribute, you can get a better deal than market price from your corp, and all that money you mentioned is at your disposal, then getting a Warehouse could take less than 2 weeks.

If it’s going to be two or three months before we can get a COGC, depending on how much extra revenue the Warehouse gets us, it seems like we might be able to make a larger contribution to the COGC by getting the Warehouse first. (Or do the numbers not work out like that?)

you can hum

probably double that estimate of time :slight_smile:

Also WAR on a planet like proxion won’t bring in that much money

Alright, it’s been a week, and I promised to make a poll, so here it is:

Proxion residents, please take the time to skim the material and select your preferred option.

Note: the form will ask you to sign in to google before filling it out, this is an option google forms uses to ensure one submission per person, and does not actually send anyone any information. If for whatever reason, you don’t trust google forms, feel free to DM me your submission - WAR, POPI, COGC

(For those who need to DM me their poll instead of filling out the google form: WAR is cheap and short term constructable, like 2 weeks, and could increase trade and net Proxion government income, POPI is somewhat expensive and medium term constructable, like 2 months, and necessary for TEC, and COGC is very expensive and quite long term, like 3-5 months, but very good at increasing efficiency).

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Also just realized it’s been a bit since I posted tax income. I still haven’t needed / found the time to switch to one of the better sheets floating around, and I still can’t post pictures to the forum (don’t think I’ve made enough posts yet), so I’ll post it here as a table:

Tax income: Time Dividend (CIS):
3/21/21 19:00 9740
3/28/21 19:00 25500
4/4/21 19:00 30,570
4/11/21 19:00 33280
Total: 99090

Based on current taxes, we’d have money for a WAR in 0.5-1.5 weeks from time of posting, depending on the rates I’m able to work out.

A lot of the mats for a Wildlife Center (the POPI option) aren’t on the market yet, so working out rates for that is tricky, but it’d be a lot more, likely at least 3x more expensive, most likely. Of course this would be in a couple months time, so there’d be more taxes to cover it.

And a COGC would just be a ridiculous amount of money in a few months time.

Of course, the early poll results are leaning unanimously to the WAR, as I expected.

Just made a better sheet. Now anyone can view the governance finances whenever they wish:

Fun pages are summary and Donation Totals!

Well, another week, another status update! The Proxion referendum has now closed, and COGC was the winner 55% to WAR’s 45%, a pretty close vote. That swung enough it might as well have been the pendulum referendum.

If you want to see the results directly, here you go:
Proxion Project Poll

Anyway, in other voting related news, there’s less than 2 days left to vote for your favored candidate for Proxion, but if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re interested enough in Proxion’s governance that you already voted in the election. If not, you still have a chance to make your voice heard!

As for the action I’ll take on the COGC results, I’ll begin checking around to see where people are at, who’d be interested in contributing, and generally making connections to get the process in motion.

I’ve done a lot of research into the steps to a COGC, and let me say that there are entire industries that need to grow before we can hold bids for most of the materials, and even for the materials we can source right now: it’s going to be better to wait on purchasing the Lfabs until increased production lowers costs.

It doesn’t do Proxion much good to have materials sitting around waiting for them to be used.

Still, when it looks like we’d be able to source most/all of the materials, likely a few weeks to a month prior to us reaching COGC capacity, I’ll host an open bid to source the lowest prices on each material we can.

I already know of a couple corps that are making moves towards COGCs already, though it’ll be a long process.

Stay tuned for another announcement on Friday - I have other plans and good news also in the works!

Hey all, this got mentioned before I had originally planned to announce it, so most of you will have heard, but for those that didn’t:
FIO and MKM will be collaborating to get you a (free) WAR this term! (we’re hoping to do so within the next two weeks)

Both FIO and MKM are committed to the growth of Proxion, even at sizable personal expense!

Anyway, speaking of expenses, there’s a concept in economics called velocity (of money), which is the amount of times the average unit of currency changes hands in a given time period.

More velocity means a healthier economy, as more people are able to buy more things, and so governments go to great lengths to get money flowing through the economy rather than stored in municipal accounts.

That’s why this term I’ll host an open bid for the first part of the COGC: 32 LBH.

I still have some planning to do before it can happen, but it’ll likely also occur two weeks from now. Expect more info on this in the next weekly status update (i.e. on Wed).

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lot of time tonight, so I’ll be brief:

  1. Looks like WAR is going to be built this Friday, by current estimates. FIO should complete its contributions tomorrow, and Dover complete his the day after.

  2. Haven’t had a lot of time to formalize the bidding process, I’ll finish that this weekend and then start drumming up attention for a bid beginning next Wed or so, and likely lasting through the following Sun. But that’s subject to change, as I draw up the final plans this weekend.

  3. Taxes the last two weeks have been 40k each, pretty cool.

  4. Did a lot more research into the COGC, and discussions with a few other corps. Looks like the (loose) timeline for the universe to begin COGC production is more like ~2 months. Timeline might change, depending on how plans go awry (there’s a big reliance on attracting Techs to certain planets at the moment, we’ll see how fast that matches up with ballpark estimates).

Proxion is definitely looking to be one of the first COGC planets, especially since most of the resource cost will be in the Lfabs, which we’re already purchasing. The electronics will be limited more by time to develop/produce than resource cost.

Resource cost of electronics for COGC:
AL 33, AUO 6, C 2, CUO 24, FE 11, GAL 4, GL 34, O 80, PE 2400, PG 1535, SIO 80, STL 1

Resource cost of entire COGC:
AL 281, AUO 6, C 2, CUO 24, FE 11, GAL 4, GL 194, O 80, PE 3520, PG 5215, SIO 80, STL 1

Updated the bidding rules, slightly see pinned messages in #project-bidding in the Proxion Municipal Server if interested.

My current thoughts on the LBH bid are:

  • 4 lots of 8 LBH, happening concurrently, in separate channels. The bidding will begin on Wed 12pm UTC, and last until midnight Saturday night UTC.

This gives people plenty of room to post bids, simplifies the process compared to running 1 lot each day, and will ensure Proxion gets the best value, even while also ensuring that people who could only contribute say 8 LBH are free to do so.

I will advertise the occurrence of the bid, and the fact that we are generally looking for individuals / corporations with a Benton presence, but I won’t outright restrict it to Benton region.

I’ll give one day before I set these rules in stone, but I’ve put a good amount of thought into them and am unlikely to change them without good reason.

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Where is this Benton region?

Anywhere that uses CIS predominantly.

Thinking about it, I’m going to revoke the Benton preference. To anyone: if you’ve got LBH, and you’re willing to be paid in CIS, go right ahead and post bids!

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Hello everyone! Apologies that this week’s status update is a bit late - it was another busy period irl, and to be frank I just didn’t have the energy to write this the past couple days.

Still! The project bidding on the 4 lots of 8 LBH is occurring, about one more day left before it ends. Though seems that a balance was already reached with the current bidders. Either way, I’ll coordinate contracts this Sun.

The most notable thing this week is the lessons learned from this auction:

  1. No one bid on a single lot, everyone found it in their best interest to bid in multiple/all. Thus, the lots did not fulfill there purpose, and were only a hinderance. In the future I’ll be opening bidding for the full amount of a given material, i.e. 24 LSE. I’ll still have different lots for different materials, as that makes it easier to keep track of the bidding, and there will be cases where not everyone can produce every material.
  2. 4 days is longer than necessary for a consensus to be reached. In the future I’ll likely be limiting bidding to 2 days.
  3. Participation was a bit (1-2 people) lower than I’d have liked. This will hopefully be resolved by bigger project bids, full lot sizes (i.e. only one lot per material), and more persistent outreach. Additionally, holding these bids ~weekly should add natural momentum to them (more specifically as often as can be justified, might not be every week).

Next week, the next bid for 24 LSE, 32 LTA will begin at the same 12pm UTC time on Wed, and last until 11:59pm Thurs night.

Anyway, that’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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to be fair 24 LBH is really not that big, while 24 LDE or LSE is a much bigger project. Maybe 2 bis would be better in those cases

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly status update! This time, we’ve closed the bid to generally good results, 2,200-2,300 CIS for 24 LBH, and 2750 CIS for 8 LBH.

I’d have preferred more participation, so this time I’ve surveyed potential suppliers on optimum lot size, increased the amount of materials being up for grabs, and lowered the min % between bids to 2%.

The bid for 16 LDE and 32 LTA is going on right now, starting market price bids were $6,000 per LDE, and $4,000 per LTA, currently they’re bidded at $5,880 CIS per LDE and $2,940 CIS per LTA.

So, if you’re an lfab producer, feel free to hop into the
Proxion Municipal Server: and go to #project-bidding for this bid’s rules.

Elections are starting tomorrow, so Proxionites make sure to vote on your preferred candidate this week! Candidates will still need to post their platforms tomorrow, but after that you should be able to see them in #campaign-platforms of the Proxion Municipal Server!

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