Promitor Governorship Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Thread

Current estimates of taxation surplus are approximately 1,400 ICA per hour. With the current prices of LMs and WARs, we can afford to invest in about 3 new LM or WAR per week.

If you have any suggestions for infrastructure investment opportunities, please respond below. We’ll start keeping a list and begin polling shortly.

Requirements are

  1. Within 3 jumps of Promitor, or
  2. Closer to Promitor than another CX by number of jumps

A warehouse in CR-311D would be helpful. It is located between Prom and Montem, and is cheap on SF to land and take off from. I’ve begun selling inexpensive fuel on the LM there, with business growing fairly quickly. A warehouse would help people deal with fuel purchasing and loading issues: you can’t refuel from an LM if you have no available storage.


FO-705d for WAR (not sure anyone is actively selling AR there but could motivate some)
CR-740b for WAR
CR-534c for WAR

GIFT has enough finances to invest in a WAR. Where would you like to see a WAR constructed?

You can select up to 4 options, and the poll will end in 48 hours from the time of posting.

  • CR-311d - WAR
  • CR-534c - WAR
  • CR-740b - WAR
  • FO-705d - WAR

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I think an ADM on Apothecary would be an excellent use of Promitor funds. As a promitor citizen and voter i engage with a lot of business with the Chemistry centre of the galaxy. But the loss to high taxes and inability to consistently maintain the invaluable COGC is a fragrant waste of economic potential. Although recently the COGC has been shored up through a large collabrotive effort by the community on Apothecary, it still poses a real issue. The people of Apothecary have long desired to be able to not just take back their lost money but to invest it in a progressive solution to their COGC issues, whilst also prepare for future developments needed to strengthen one of the most highly specialized planets in the galaxy (lots of technicians on Apoth).

It being in Promitor’s sphere of influence only further increases the attractiveness of this already tantalising investment opportunity. But what are the other benefit for Prom? Well its more beneficial than a WAR as it will give global benefits to the whole population and actively help the planet grow (also will lower WAR prices if not already at lowest). As Apoth is distinctly in Promitors sphere of influence and using Promitors currency any direct increase in Apoth leads to a strengthening of ICA and therefore of the purchasing power of all Promitorians.

Also we’d be more than happy to receive the alternative of a cost for a WAR in ADM investment and we would then fund the rest ourselves but this could be seen as seedfunding.

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Thanks for the idea. I think this would be a great investment, and this proposal has my support.

I would like to propose that we fund the ADM on Apothecary and extend the Promitor Governorship system to Apothecary.

I’m not sure what the best approach would look like - should the governor be a member of the same corp as me, or should they create a new corp and we function as a federation?

Both ways have their merits, but I feel that I’m leaning towards the “acting as a federation” side.

I’d also like to formalise the transparency process, as my current method is time consuming. We need to keep track of income and expenses, but I’d like to find a better way.

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Extending the governorship project to Apothecary i would say needs to be done at a planetary election, as that is currently the most democratically legitimate elections we can hold. It would be good to see a candidate representing various paths forward. I myself would be torn between making Apothecary somewhere between a 2nd city to Promitor (I’m not actually against states and would love the game to grow into this one day) and a like-minded partner (which may seem to be the most easy option and easiest to understand). I’m also sure some would rather vote for TRI or maybe even another plan, I cannot claim to speak for Apoth and all its many inhabitants, and i do feel they would need the chance to formally say.

Although I do wonder if it might be fair to consider this a loan to the planet of Apoth and perhaps excess revenue from the ADM could be used to repay Promitor… Then after this loan is repaid we let the people of Apoth freely vote for how they wish to proceed… But again this would still have to be voted on, but i think the good honest citizens of Apoth could agree to follow repayments if they decided.

I would assume a better method would just be a google sheet that you update, but im not actually certain how you do it! Though I wonder if maybe we should petition for there to be an option for corps funds to be public…

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It would be really nice if we had more corporate controls.

Controlling share distribution and type would allow for consolidation of finances.

Controlling when dividends were paid would allow for payment cycles to sync with COGC cycles.

Controlling the dividend amount would allow for payments to be managed more efficiently.

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I think the faction system kind of implies a level of the state concept. Given that both Apothecary and Promitor are part of Insistor, I would say they should work together to some extent. The question is how much and what form that should take. Cooperating governments certainly seems to be a logical way to do that.

I would truly love to see the factions play a role in the game. I think it would encourage more collectivism and maybe spark a little competition between the different groups.


I want to lend my support to more ADMs. Covering COGC and the more complicated populous requirements (especially on an off CX planet with Technicians like Apothecary) is a perfect application of taxes and effective government


Completely agree. I think its going to be interesting how the off CX planets needing Technicians and above are going to manage after the grace period. An ADM will help us be self sufficient

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BMF and BWS are on the way, mostly missing stuff that can be found on market :slight_smile:

edit: maybe an EW ADM could be interesting next

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With all the Promitor taxes being used to build stuff on other planets it seems like a good time to float the idea of regional governments…

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