One contract multiple items/resources

The Situation

Currently when trading with other players using contracts, whether buy, sell, or shipping contracts, one can only select one item/one resource per contract.
(Eg. One contract buying DW, one contract buying RAT, etc.)

The Problem

Having only one item per contract gets quite tedious when trading often with players directly when multiple items/resources are at play.
(Eg. Having to restock DW, RAT, OVE, COF, PWO at the same time and having to make a separate contract for each)

The Solution

The direct solution would be to allow multiple items/resources per contract. (Eg. by bundling them)


or maybe create bundled contracts

This is planned for contracts but as yet the feature hasn’t been implemented.

Being able to create a container with the ability to name, and add to shipping and trade contacts, would greatly help out too.

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