Name Your Favorite Planets!

Looks like YI-715b has already been named Verdant.

BS-788c could be renamed XK-590d…

XH-594b : Crystal Caves

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BS-788c - starter planet 2 jumps from Promitor. Has good amount of CLI. Bit of SIO, and tiny amount of NE

  • Dawn?
  • Twilight?

YI-715b - now named Verdant

PG-899b - most fertile planet in game, miles from anywhere. Very wet.

  • Amazonia?
  • Bounty?

QQ-645b - Potential future ALO site for Moria, 4 jumps out. Needs SEA but has bit of water.

  • Poor man’s Deimos?
  • Even poorer man’s Berthier?
  • Rich Morian Man’s folly?

OT-442b - SCR planet 1 jump from Moria. Also fertile (but terribly) though reasonable water

  • Poor man’s Nemesis?

XH-594b - FEO and bit of HAL planet 4 jumps from Moria.

  • Neo-Vallis?

QJ-149c - (Assuming poll is wrong and Nick meant C not A) Highest ALO concentration of T1 planets, 2 jumps from ANT, also has trace H.

  • My other base is on Deimos?

Surprised Hortus-G didn’t make the vote as well as ZV-194a (LST SEA planet near ANT, some calling it Invidia). But I guess ANT already got one in :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for letting me know about the typo on QJ-149c, I couldn’t read my own handwriting lol. It looks like BS-788c is winning as of now. Please list some other potential names for this planet and then we will have a final poll for naming this planet. Right now I see “Dawn” and “Twilight” suggested. Any other names out there?

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Would have loved to see Apothecary be on a T1 or T2 planet, maybe like LS-300c (HAL and MGS locally? keeps the thematic)

being on a INS + HSE planet probably won’t make it a large chemistry hub

As the pioneer on XH-549b I disagree with the proposals, Vallis is not a valid reference, XH-594b is a benchmark for Vallis… As the inofficial governour I am so afraid that I have a set of ideas:

  • Kiruna (like the FEO mine, very boring… hehe)
  • Cattle Corner (like the epic movie place somewhere in nowhere)
  • Flieouverus (because it’s half the way between Moria and Benten)
  • Jaagmyctip (Just another ancient greec mythical creature to identify planets)

P.S.: XH-549b is a very good starting place, with or without name


So Neon means New, so if not renamed XK-590d, BS-788c could be ‘Nova’,
Caliche means Lime
Silica means Flint

I like to think of it more as a memorial/shrine to the Apothecary that we all knew and loved :frowning:

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Nova Honshu? Nova because as McCowen said, Honshu because Japan is often associated with Neon Lights. Might be nice to get some more variety to our cultural pool of planet names?

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Why not point out the connection by naming it Phobos? :wink:

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Thanks for all the suggestions! Here is the final poll for naming BS-788c:

  • Dawn
  • Twilight
  • Apothecary
  • Nova
  • Nova Honshu

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I’m not sure Apothecary has been suggested, but its already taken by a planet called Apothecary…

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Maybe I misunderstood a player’s comment, but it seemed like it was a suggestion. Doesn’t look like people are showing much interest in the name at the moment anyway.

yea my bad, it is currently named somewhere but would suggest to move it :slight_smile:

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Looks like we have a winner! BS-788c will now be called Nova Honshu! Thanks again for participating and we will do this again very soon :slight_smile:


So, who is credited as the player naming? The Community?

The first one goes to Bobemor, since he started the whole project :slight_smile: The second one will be named by Nick and every planet afterwards will be named by whoever came up with the name first.

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The planets have been named!


Didn’t let Nick take the credit I see :stuck_out_tongue: