Multiple recurring orders

I think it would be nice if you could make multiple recurring orders with a maximum concurrent order count.

Let’s say you have 3x PP1 buildings then you set 1 recurring order for 2 concurrent BBH’s and 1 recurring order for 1 concurrent BTA. So you will always have 2 BBHs and 1 BTA in order.

This is especially nice when you have a larger operation in which you need to make multiple of different items at the same building.

With the current system you can make 3 recurring orders, 2 for BBH and 1 for BTA.
Or have 1 recurring order for 2x BTA and 1 recurring order for 1x BTA, which will work out to the same production quantities overall.

How is your proposal different from either of these scenarios?

You say “maximum concurrent order count”. Maybe we’re not understanding, but your example describes the current system.

I haven’t touched this base in weeks. I setup the ratios for these reoccuring orders and just let it run.

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@lowstrife @Ficks_Dinkum I think I am a little bit confused with this system. As I would have expected with 2 queued orders that the one with highest priority would be the one that gets filled first. When I set up an order for 1 unit of X recurring I didn’t expect it to spam all my buildings to produce that unit but instead to just do what I tell it to do and produce 1 unit of X recurrently not concurrently, using all my materials.

It’s kinda difficult to explain but “maximum concurrent orders” meaning maximum orders at the same time. So if I have 5 buildings and I set up 1 recurring order for 1 unit of X with a maximum of 3 concurrent orders. It will start producing that unit but only use 3 buildings at the same time since that’s the maximum it is allowed.

As for your screenshot PWO has the highest priority but there is no PWO in the current orders. Anyways I think the current system could be improved to be more efficient with the introduction of a “maximum concurrent order” input and also following the priority of the queue incase one of those orders runs out of materials.

Not sure why you would not want to use all of your buildings.

Also, there is no “priority” system for recurrent orders. They just add themselves back to the end of the queue each time they get used. In the screenshot, PWO is the next thing that will be produced, after which it will move to the end of the queue, to be produced again once it reaches the front.

I think the issue here is that you don’t quite understand how recurring orders work. But it’s actually a pretty flexible system. You can throw some non-recurring orders into the mix, and they will be queued as one-offs. So I don’t think your additional “maximum concurrent order” setting would improve anything. If you still think it would, maybe give a specific example?

Ah yeah thanks. This makes a lot more sense haha I was just really confused by the recurring orders + the priority system / queue order and how that exactly works.

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It’s easier to think of it as one big production building with one queue than multiple buildings with multiple queues.

The production list is sequential. One after the other after the other. There is no priority. That’s why it’s not bring produced. It’s already finished the previous production run the last time it came up.

You setup ratios with the reoccurring order system. Production time does not matter. If you setup a building to make 1 BTA which only takes 2 hours and 1 BBH which takes six. Two orders, both reoccurring, both producing 1 quantity. You will, regardless of how many production buildings you have, always produce exactly the same number of each. Any time a slot opens up it will sequentially make BBH, then BTA, then BBH, then BTA, etc.

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