LOCALITY is coming!

Dear licensees,

The time has finally come for Locality, the biggest update since launch. It will hit live servers this Thursday, June 27th and bring about Local Markets, Trust Ratings, and a host of small improvements and new opportunities.

We will be doing a livestream on launch day to present the new features and answer all of your questions! Follow us on Twitch now so you don’t miss it. :rocket:


PS: A big THANK YOU to everybody who has been playing the game, it means the world to us. It’s amazing to see you all sticking around and remaining such an active community throughout this test run. It shows that we’re on the right track with the mid game content we’ve been adding, and we hope that Locality will bring some more welcome additions to the game.

PPS: If you enjoy the game, please help us spread the word about Prosperous Universe and the upcoming update. We operate on a tiny marketing budget and we somewhat rely on you guys to get the word out, so here’s another big THANK YOU to everyone who has been spreading the word and to those who are sharing, liking, commenting on our latest announcement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube! :heart:


Locality is liiiiive! We made a whole dedicated page about it. Check out the release notes to see what’s new. And of course, you can learn all about dealing with Local Markets on the new wiki page. :rocket:

Last but definitely not least, here is the Locality artwork to cool you all down in this hot, hot summer. :sunglasses:

The recording of yesterday’s livestream is now available on YouTube: