Release Notes - Locality


Server: 0.7.28
Client: 0.7.12

General Notes

If your APEX console is stuck in a loading state after the update, please make sure to refresh it once after the update to ensure you got the latest version.

New features

  • Local Markets: As a Planetary Project, Local Markets can be built on any planet by its inhabitants. They work similar to bulletin boards, which results in a few key differences to Commodity Exchanges, including: placing ads costs money and can only be done by inhabitants; anyone can respond to any ad; ads cannot be partially filled; responding will not trigger a transfer of goods, but create a contract; both parties can decide not to uphold their side of said contract.

  • Ratings: Companies trading on Local Markets have a rating which signals to other parties how likely they are to uphold their end of a deal. Companies are Unrated (β€œU” symbol) by default; a rating can be obtained by becoming at least an Asteroid-tier supporter. Once a company is rated, its rating status will be Pending (β€œP” symbol). Abiding by contracts will result in a higher rating, breaching contracts will lower it. Ratings go from F (worst) to A (best).

  • New commands: LMOS, LM, LMA, and LMP provide you with control over and insight into the new Local Markets. Read more in the Local Markets section of the commands overview.

  • New Handbook page: Read everything you need to know about Local Markets and Ratings in the new tutorial section.


  • MM now offer 40 ICA/CIS/NCC for OVE (instead of 75)


  • Fixed: The display of production times was sometimes truncated

I would like to see a feature to be able to delete one’s own ads.

I made the mistake of of placing a buy ad today when I meant to place a sell ad.

EDIT: Now, that I check, I actually did it twice, bah! If some nice developer wants to delete my BUY ads for CAF and COF on Prom that would be so nice. :wink:

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Have you seen the LMOS command? It shows a list of your ads and accepted ads and there is also a button to delete ads.

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Ooh, thank you very much!

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