Join the alpha test, sign-up here!


I would like to join the alpha


This looks interesting. Could I get an invite? :slight_smile:


I’d love an invite to this game. Looks like its right up my alley. And, being a former software tester, and now software developer, I’m sure I can report some bugs or user issues :wink:


Hi, found this from the reddit post, would love to try it out


Replying to be added per discord instructions!


Hello there, I would like to join in on your creation of a universe.


I would love to have the opportunity to test out the Alpha and give constructive feedback/report bugs.


I would love to test out the alpha and help with error report / suggestions if that’s possible, thanks!


Hi, if the Alpha Test is still ongoing, I’d like to join as well.


Hey! This game looks really fun I’d like to join the alpha please! :grin:


Hi there! I’ve just stumbled on this game and wanted to try it out. Thanks!


I’d like to join the alpha if there is one currently going on.
Many thanks.


I’d love to get into the alpha if it’s possible! Thanks.


Looking for an alpha invite! Can’t wait to try this game out!


I would like to join!


I’d like to join too


I would absolutely love to join the alpha!


I would like to join too


I would like to join, thanks.


I would like to join the Alpha Test!